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Husband and wife duo examines SNL’s impact on 1976 election

Dr. William Horner: “If you’re faced with two guys and you portray one as a little bit disingenuous, maybe willing to say anything to get elected, and the other one as a fool, it’s clear who they think would be a better president.”

Romeo & Juliet first show performed at Missouri Theatre, showcasing diverse cast and unique interpretation

MU Theatre’s next production is the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Itch.

MU’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ unites tradition with originality

“The theater department has been around for almost a hundred years, and this is the first time ever that we’ve done a play in the Missouri Theatre,” Director Kevin Brown said.

The 13th annual Life and Literature Series performs at MU

“I think (the audience) hopefully will come in with a sense of adventure,” Winship says.

Professor donates $1 million to theater department

The donation is the largest ever made by a College of Arts and Science faculty.

A classic tale with a new spin: ‘Argonautika’ comes to MU

Director Cheryl Black said her love of Zimmerman’s work inspired her to bring the play to the Corner Playhouse.

Aaron Scully finds home in theatre at MU

Since his return to MU, Aaron Scully has made a name for himself with his award-winning original play, “Sleeping With Hitler.”

Tragedy and comedy combine in MU Theatre’s performance of “Endgame”

The absurdist play has a cast of four, with three characters being immobile.

‘The How and the Why’ to open at Corner Playhouse

With only two actors, the theatre department’s latest play promises to hit heavy subjects and leave audience thinking.

'Road Show' to premiere at Rhynsburger Theatre

The musical follows two brothers throughout the early and mid-1900s as they strive for the American dream.

'Sleeping with Hitler' to debut at Life and Literature Performance Series

The 12th annual Life and Literature Performance Series will take place at the Corner Play House Sept. 17-21.

Summer Repertory Theatre brings three comedies to the Rhynsburger

Mistaken identity, fictional characters coming to life and one-day rehearsals promise laughs for the Summer Repertory Theatre season.

MU Theatre tells tale of collegiate conflict during Vietnam era

“Moonchildren” reveals the director’s own experiences during a time of war.

MU Theatre presents ‘The Blue Light and Other Stories’

Students will bring folk stories and fairy tales to life with upcoming performances.

MU theatre department presents ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Students bring a playful attitude to an ancient classic.

‘Fifth of July’ returns to Missouri

Missouri native Lanford Wilson’s play will be performed at the Rhynsburger Theatre from Nov. 14-17 and Nov. 19-21.

‘The Summer in Gossensass’ comes to the Corner Playhouse

MU Theatre wades into world of Cuban playwright Fornés’ imagination.

MU Theatre Department premieres ‘Spring Awakening’

Provocative musical to debut at Rhynsburger Theatre on Wednesday.

Life & Literature kicks off theater season

The show’s audience-oriented eleventh installment does not disappoint.

11th annual Life & Literature Series to showcase original student work

Although it has evolved in more than a decade of shows, the production stays true to its roots.