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Ferguson Commission releases a reform report

The commission was created in hopes of solving racial issues in Missouri.

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch talks Ferguson at MU Law event

Following recent efforts to improve campus race relations, one protester said McCulloch’s visit “destroyed all of that.”

CPD continues to receive forfeited assets through ‘federal equitable sharing’ loophole

Since 2010, CPD has received $349,617 from federal equitable sharing funds.

Campus demonstration ends at Loftin’s doorstep

MU4MikeBrown promoted the event with #WEBACK.

Students march for Eric Garner

A march was held Dec. 5 from Speakers Circle, through the columns and to the steps of Jesse Hall.

“Walking While Black” forum and experts panel brainstorm solutions to racism

“We have to admit that there are some wrongs that need to be corrected,” said English professor Clenora Hudson-Weems.

MU4MikeBrown demonstration draws hundreds

The event began at noon and lasted for about an hour and a half.

Loftin vows to continue racial discussions amid criticism

“I characterized this as a listening session. It was not my intent to respond or speak. I will continue listening and gathering input. We will craft responses as appropriate as we go forward,” he said in a statement.

Students implore administration be proactive, not reactive

The “Ferguson Listening Session” on Monday highlighted an urgency to discuss solutions to racial issues on campus.

Local NAACP leads march to Boone County Courthouse

“We have to forgive each other,” Reverend Dr. Clanton C.W. Dawson Jr. said.

'We are not finished': Students march to City Hall after Brown decision

Another event hosted by MU4MikeBrown will be held at noon on Dec. 2 at the Student Center.

Maneater editorial ignores work of advocates on campus

The work of four of our campus’ most influential groups should not be trivialized by an event’s title.

Keep Ferguson spotlight in mind when rallying for change

When demonstrating on campus, students must recognize the public sphere they are being viewed in.

Students plan rally after Ferguson decision

MU4MikeBrown held a "die-in" protest on Oct. 8 to show support for Michael Brown

MU4MikeBrown holds rally against 'unjust killings of black bodies'

Students gathered to protest at Speakers Circle on Wednesday afternoon, with visual representations of the dead, as well as pro-equal rights poems recited.

MU hosts open dialogue on Ferguson and social issues

A ‘Forum on Ferguson’ took place in Hulston Hall from 6-7:30 p.m., and was led by Dr. Zakiya Adair, assistant professor of women’s and gender studies.

Columbia unites to honor Mike Brown

Three MU seniors organized the event to spread awareness of underlying issues behind the Ferguson riots.