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Asian American Association starts the year off with annual UnificAsian event

UnificAsian draws in new members for the Asian American Association from across MU.

Rewriting Realities contest winners explore social justice issues

Graduate Assistant Ben Daniels: “The winners really dived deep into how their identities are impacted by society.”

Students express self-love during Body Monologues

Freshman Haley Meyer: “You can’t always change everything about yourself, but you can learn to love those parts.”

Revived Multicultural Greek Council seeks to increase unity of Greek councils

MGC President Phillip Nguyen: “We want them to know that (even if) you’re not rich or white, you still have access to being a part of Greek Life.”

Rewriting Realities challenges students creatively

The top three winners in each category will receive a prize of $300 for first place, $200 for second place and $100 for third place winners.

Multicultural Center hosts Allyship Week amidst campus tensions

“If there were more allies, maybe this wouldn’t happen,” Four Front Co-Chairwoman Alanna Diggs said.

Town hall teaches Greek women how to discuss identity constructively

Multicultural Center coordinator Stephanie Hernandez Rivera led a discussion with the women about various social issues, including but not limited to race relations.

Multicultural Center displays Hate Wall to give a voice to those who feel unheard

“Race and discrimination is a difficult conversation that a lot of people ignore on this campus,” senior Taylor Gentry said. “I know it’s difficult, but it's time to have that conversation, too many things have been going on and that’s why (the Hate Wall)

Students represent global styles while seeking to erase cultural appropriation

Culture Couture not only gave Andrew Pham the opportunity to proudly represent Vietnam, but delivered a warning to students that the traditional Vietnamese pieces are not meant to be packaged and shipped to costume warehouses.

Interfaith Prayer event unites religious organizations

“The things that you think are your failures can actually be a platform for you to engage in major ministry and life transformation,” Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas said.

Multicultural Hour brings together MU students from around the world

Over 100 countries are represented at MU.

Summer Welcome and Diversity Education

An analysis of the diversity education at Summer Welcome as an incoming freshman

New co-chairs moving Four Front forward

Ipsa Chaudhary and Alanna Diggs were elected in April.

Simulated oppression scenarios create unique learning experience

Participants are invited to walk through different theater experiences designed to display oppression of a marginalized group.

New MCC coordinator sets goals to educate MU about diversity

Yovanna Garcia, a student at Ramapo College, said she is confident in Rivera’s ability to make a difference at MU.

Muslim students lack designated prayer space at MU

Four Front and MSO members asked for an interfaith prayer space last year.

Multicultural Center searches for new coordinator

Donell Young is currently acting as the coordinator.

MCC Director Pablo Mendoza resigns for new job

Mendoza took a job at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Multicultural Center celebrates 40th anniversary

The MCC was founded in 1972 to support minority students academically.

Multicultural Center hosts Religious Discovery Series event on Islam

Rashed Nizam gave a presentation about the Islam religion.