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The first Muslim woman to play wearing a hijab in the NCAA speaks at MU

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir: “Sport is universal. I could bring a ball to Spain and there would be language gap, but the ball would speak."

Missouri women’s basketball set to play BYU

The team seeks its first NCAA tournament win since 2001.

Mizzou women’s basketball earns NCAA bid, will play BYU

All of the problems of the season seemed to disappear as the arena erupted in celebration and embrace.

Missouri athletics prospers over break

Don’t miss the ball

NCAA practice limits have their loopholes

Mizzou swimmer and Maneater columnist Mitchell Forde on the circumvention of the NCAA’s practice time limit.

How we balance school and sports

Stripping down and seeking fans

Mizzou Athletics hosts a spirit week to create athletic department camaraderie.

Competition a welcome change

Recruiting weekends fun but tiring

Sleep a luxury most take for granted

Inadequate sleep hinders us, but it’s hard to justify skipping class or practice because we’re tired.

No pain, no gain for student-athletes

A more effective way of working through pain is tricking yourself into thinking it’s not so bad.

Unlimited snacks a victory

Mizzou swimmer and Maneater columnist Mitchell Forde on unlimited snacks.

Column: O’Bannon important, but not as advertised

College playoffs look promising

The newly implemented postseason fixes one of the biggest problems in college sports.

How many other coaches are like Mike Rice?

The Rutgers coach isn’t the only one using despicable behavior as coaching.