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Tag: Political science

Kinder Institute at MU announces $10 million gift

Rich and Nancy Kinder donated $25 million in 2015 to form the Kinder Institute. They recently donated another $10 million in order to expand the programs that the institute offers.

New program focusing on addressing racial issues through American culture to start in spring

“Race and the American Story” will pilot as a one-hour topics course in the spring semester.

Husband and wife duo examines SNL’s impact on 1976 election

Dr. William Horner: “If you’re faced with two guys and you portray one as a little bit disingenuous, maybe willing to say anything to get elected, and the other one as a fool, it’s clear who they think would be a better president.”

MU hosts political science methodology conference for the first time

The conference cost $18,000 to put on, and funding came entirely from sources within MU and the UM System.

Iowa caucus proved no frontrunner is guaranteed a win

After Trump’s loss and Sanders’ near victory on Monday, there’s no telling how the next competition will end.

MU organizations allow for political education and involvement

Students can utilize resources on campus to learn about and get involved with local, state and national politics.

MU launches program to promote constitutional knowledge

Dryer hopes the program will place MU on the map as a school recognized for political science.