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Alexander Cartwright likely candidate for permanent chancellor position

Cartwright currently serves as the provost and executive vice chancellor at the State University of New York.

Garnett Stokes appointed interim chancellor, Gary Ward appointed interim vice chancellor for student affairs

Stokes will serve as interim chancellor until a permanent chancellor is hired.

Interactive timeline: Campus demonstrations through the years

On the one-year anniversary of top administrator resignations, a look back at MU’s history of student activism.

Loftin says change at MU will take time

Former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin: “If we do something which is too hurried and too shallow, it becomes something that won't be sustainable.”

Former chancellor takes on new role as director of national security research at MU

R. Bowen Loftin has experience in the field, having worked with agencies like NASA and the military to develop effective ways to train and educate.

Interim administrator contracts are similar to those of their predecessors

While interim Chancellor Hank Foley and interim UM System President Mike Middleton make the same amount of money as those who came immediately before them, their contracts vary in page length and formality.

Frequently asked questions about MU’s historic fall

A lot happened last fall. Here’s a quick rundown of the major events.

MU seniors bring back beer to Senior Sendoff

While it wasn’t the first time beer was absent at Senior Sendoff, last year’s alcohol-free celebration received pushback from students.

Mizzou in Review: Top five WTF moments

From a fired professor to a leaked confidential letter, MU ended up in some bizarre situations this year.

Biggest Disappointment: Administrative responses last fall

It may be hard to have certain conversations, but it’s easier than having the two top administrators resign within 12 hours of each other.

Loftin’s new position focuses on connecting faculty with research opportunities

R. Bowen Loftin: “People seem to think I’m doing nothing, which is totally false. I’ve been very busy since all this happened back in November.”

Loftin says goodbye to Residence on the Quad

Former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin: “If it all works out, then we’ll hopefully be able to move out around the middle-to-late part of April.”

After stepping down as chancellor, Loftin isn’t dwelling on the past

Former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin: “You can look back and say that if I’d done this differently, this might not have happened. But what’s the value in that? You cannot go back and relive history. I can’t change what’s happened.”

Foley isn’t another Loftin

Now that Loftin is gone, columnist Elane Edwards tries to figure out where Foley should begin.

Distrust of administrators, protests against chancellor not new to MU

“He is out of touch with the students, faculty and staff,” MSA president-elect Rebecca Lambe said in a November 1991 Maneater article, speaking about former Chancellor Monroe.

Loftin leaves one contract and enters another

Loftin’s transition agreement details the new roles he will be involved in at MU.

Administrative, faculty and student discontent led to Loftin’s downfall

The foundation for Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin’s resignation was laid long before students called for UM System President Tim Wolfe’s removal.

Chancellor’s report card

A retrospective assessment of Loftin’s tenure as chancellor

Loftin’s Jan. 1 resignation date comes ahead of schedule

Effective immediately, R. Bowen Loftin is no longer the chancellor of MU.

Planned Parenthood’s future at MU unclear after Loftin’s resignation

Planned Parenthood CEO Laura McQuade said she wants a campus leader who won’t respond to political pressure.