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Race Relations Committee remains committed in its mission of promoting a diverse campus

Since its first meeting in May 2015, the committee has recommended similar committees and released a report of its findings.

Comparing the response to incidents of racism on campus

Wednesday’s demonstrations come a little over a year after former MSA President Payton Head vocalized he was a called a racial slur.

MU Police releases report of racist incident involving LBC members

Officers responding on Tuesday night said they heard shouting coming from the Delta Upsilon house, but they were unable to determine whether racial epithets were used by DU fraternity members.

Storify: Timeline of reactions to racist incident involving LBC members

Here's how campus responded to Tuesday's events.

Update: MUPD investigating harassment of LBC members

Two students were called the N-word and other obscenities outside of Delta Upsilon, which has been placed on emergency suspension.

Race Relations Committee presents report outlining creation of new committees across UM system

Committee Chairman Berkley Hudson: “When you start to pay attention to our humanity and our community, all boats start to rise.”

Frequently asked questions about MU’s historic fall

A lot happened last fall. Here’s a quick rundown of the major events.

Biggest steps forward: diversity initiatives

After making national news for campus protests and resignations, the university took significant steps to improve campus diversity.

Race relations committee to address racism and diversity in video podcasts

Committee member Craig Roberts: “White people tend to see racism in terms of lynching, physical abuse, bullying and other products of hate. Racism is more than the overt, blatant, extreme incidents.”

Debate surrounding Thomas Jefferson statue continues

Students and professors discussed the merits of keeping his statue on Francis Quadrangle during a public forum Monday.

Concerned Student 1950 protests Working Group

Chuck Henson in response to the protest: “We are moving forward, and the point of the Working Group is to move forward together.”

‘Racism Lives Here’ rally promotes multicultural unity

Junior Daphne Yu: “It’s important for us all to stand in solidarity for the betterment of all minorities on campus.”

The day Beyonce turned black

Did you know Beyonce was black?

UM System will soon appoint chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer

The position will oversee a diversity, equity and inclusion task force and develop training programs for system leadership.

Diane Nash discusses student activism, nonviolent action

Nash: “We were trying to bring about the best society we could for (this generation) to be born into and come of age into. Future generations are going to look to you to do the same.”

Diversity course requirement changed with student course load in mind

The changes made in the proposal would allow students to select from pre-existing courses at MU that have been approved to educate on the subject of diversity.

Concerned Student 1950 plans to continue to educate students, raise awareness

Reuben Faloughi: “To know that other students have that same experience and are willing to stand up with you because you did, it’s so empowering. It makes the sleepless nights worth it. It makes the threats worth it. It makes the struggle worth it.”

Counseling psychology department to offer Difficult Dialogues class

Professor Brandon Orr: “There is a need to move past empathy and towards competency.”

Eardley to lead new Office for Civil Rights and Title IX

“Ending discrimination is everyone’s responsibility,” Eardley said in an email to students. “We need you to use your voices to take a stand.”

Interim Chancellor Foley states resolve ‘to be better’ in statement on Laquan McDonald’s death

Interim UM System President Mike Middleton released a statement earlier in the day, saying, “We have challenges to face and we will face them together.”