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Student opposition brings their voice to pro-Israel event

MU Christians United for Israel hosts pro-Israel event, which encouraged students to protest the event while claiming it was islamophobic.

Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride seeks tolerance, diversity

The 18th Annual Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride offered an opportunity for the regional Pagan community to come together and be visible, while also engaging the broader community.

MU researchers find evidence of a correlation between epilepsy and religiosity

The study was one of many conducted by MU researchers into the relationship between religion and the brain.

Technology is the god of the modern day

The new form of worship has begun to spread throughout the world, gaining followers by the millions.

Missouri House fails controversial religious freedom bill

After a 40-hour filibuster in March and a four-hour public testimony April 12, the bill failed.

Controversial Missouri religious freedom bill moves forward

The resolution, if passed, would make Missouri the first state to vote on a religious liberties amendment to the state constitution.

Churches to serve city in second annual ForColumbia event

The volunteer event has grown to 34 partnered churches and 1,600 volunteers this year.

Attorney general candidate discusses faith and politics

Josh Hawley: “What the Bible says of how to live life…that’s where I come down and defend.”

Missouri must watch what is happening to Mississippi

Recently passed religious liberty bill has several ties between Mississippi and other states.

Atheists across the nation came to MU to participate in SASHAcon

MU Professor Libby Cowgill: “The number one thing that shuts down the mind like a trap is fear.”

How to have a pious party

Columnist Hunter Bassler on the extravagant rituals of Hinduism and Maha Shivaratri.

Religion’s problem with sex

Columnist Hunter Bassler on the condoning and condemning of sex in religion.

Why the Catholic Church shouldn’t sever ties with the Girl Scouts

Columnist Hunter Bassler on why the Catholic Church should show its caring side.

Embracing the absurd and the case against suicide

Columnist Hunter Bassler on Albert Camus and the absurdist school of thought.

Nihilism is worth considering

Columnist Hunter Bassler on the belief in the lack of morals.

Why existential thought is liberating

Columnist Hunter Bassler on why we should embrace the flexibility of life.

Why meditation is worth trying

Columnist Hunter Bassler shows us how, why and where to meditate.

Fighting Islamophobia starts with dispelling ignorance

Education is the answer when it comes to fighting this bigoted fear.

Students pray for light to spread on the MU campus

“It only takes one match to light a room,” freshman Brittani Langland said.

A silent and powerful vow

How four days of complete silence changed my life.