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Tag: Religious Studies

“Time to Listen” event fosters discussion regarding race and religion

The discussion focused in part on how those in power can help minorities.

MU associate professor Rabia Gregory to use $30,000 grant to improve the teaching of religious diversity

The program will involve community listening sessions, a religious survey and faculty events.

Winnifred F. Sullivan talks capital punishment and its religious influences

Sullivan: “It’s not a legal, but an ethical, judgement."

MU adds Native American indigenous studies minor

The new minor, available this fall, will focus on the political, social and economic factors of indigenous cultures.

Why existential thought is liberating

Columnist Hunter Bassler on why we should embrace the flexibility of life.

Why meditation is worth trying

Columnist Hunter Bassler shows us how, why and where to meditate.

Fighting Islamophobia starts with dispelling ignorance

Education is the answer when it comes to fighting this bigoted fear.

A silent and powerful vow

How four days of complete silence changed my life.

The Taoist and Confucianist concept of Wu wei

Originating in ancient China, the principle is centered around “effortless action.”

Carrie Duncan digs through history in the Middle East

The religious studies professor brings students to Jordan every other year to learn hands-on about archaeology and the Middle East.

Religious studies professor Rabia Gregory documents kindness

The Tumblr blog, Academic Kindness, has been managed by Gregory for nearly a year.

Religious Studies lecture emphasizes religion in environmentalism

Kaza has authored several books, including "Hooked! Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire and the Urge to Consume."