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Research finds how human brain’s functions are altered after loss of limb

The study, conducted at the MU Brain Imaging Center, consisted of 48 participants, 19 of which had previously lost a hand.

Professor and director of research receives $1.8 million federal grant

The National Institutes of Health has awarded MU professor Mahesh Thakkar, Ph.D., with a federal grant to study the role of alcohol in insomnia and brain inflammation.

Psychology professor, students provide comprehensive research on arrogance

MU professor Nelson Cowan organized a team of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to provide one of the first comprehensive literature reviews on arrogance.

Study by MU professor shows racism in skin tones, not just skin colors

A study conducted by an MU professor explains how racial trauma among African Americans differs depending on their skin-tone.

3D tyrannosaurus rex skull model brings unexpected results

The T. rex skull has long been considered to be wiggly like that of a bird or snake, but an MU team developed a 3D model that shows that might not have been the case.

Researchers discover autonomy increases family tension at the end of life

Human Development and Family Sciences professor Dr. Jacquelyn Benson and other researchers found a central theme to reasons behind conflict at the end of life.

Engineering researchers work to advance automatic driver assistance functions

This technology was adopted in response to negative consumer opinion about the current ADAS systems and their accuracy.

New research leads professor to believe physical inactivity is genetic

Professor Frank Booth bred 160 rats in a study about physical inactivity that involved the offspring running on voluntary running wheels.

New MU study strives to detect risk of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia

The study uses MRI scans to help detect and prevent psychosis from seriously developing in patients, which could help lower societal and public health costs.

MU professors develop new technique for food contaminant detection

The new biosensor technology has the potential to improve the accuracy and time-span of food safety tests.

MU research grant aims to provide health information services to underserved communities throughout Midwest

The grant provides opportunity for twelve librarians to learn how to provide better health information services to underserved communities throughout the Midwest.

Mizzou in Review: On-off relationships, testing glucose levels, political polarization among impactful research this year

This year, MU researchers have developed medical treatments, uncovered trends in social media and studied the effects of on-again, off-again relationships.

Researchers investigate discrimination experiences of MU students, parent-child communications in low income families

The IDE Excellence Grant was awarded in December to nine projects.

MU researcher looks into political polarization, lack of moderate voices on social media

Michael Kearney developed his own software called rtweet to collect mass amounts of user data from Twitter.

First image of black hole revealed, MU astronomy professor gives insight

The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration announced the first image taken of the black hole at the center of M86, an elliptical galaxy that lies 55 million light-years from Earth.

RED process optimizes discharge process in nursing homes, MU researchers find

“Being confronted with those challenges helped the facilities come up with innovative solutions and gave them a better idea of how to meet their obligations to their patients for a safe and effective discharge,” Lori Popejoy, associate professor at Sinclair School of Nursing, said.

MU study finds lack of effective policy to protect pollinators

Pollinators are extremely important in food production and there is not adequate regulation or monitoring to ensure their protection.

MU researchers combat bone cancer in dogs

Compared to a three out of 30 survival rate of dogs receiving chemotherapy to treat osteosarcoma, five out of 10 dogs survived the immunotherapy trial.

CAFNR study finds park visitors unable to attribute negative impacts to climate change

The study showed that park visitors know little about climate change, but that they want to know more.

10th annual Agroforestry Symposium solidifies the relationship between research innovation, entrepreneurship

The symposium is set to feature a variety of speakers from distinguished researchers to experienced professionals and agencies within the industry.