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MU professor’s research leads to discoveries in the prevention of disease spread by mosquitoes

Susanta Behura and his colleagues speculate that the disease can be prevented if mosquitoes’ receptors are manipulated.

Survey reports recent MU graduate success in career outcomes

The survey gathered data from almost 76 percent of alumni from the fall 2016, spring 2017 and summer 2017 graduating classes.

MU doctoral student investigates how understanding terrorist propaganda can aid fight against terrorism

Douglas Wilbur researched how terrorist propaganda is constructed and viewed by investigating an online propaganda magazine used by the Islamic State group.

Department of Energy award takes MU Grad student to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Graduate student Alexander Myers will leave MU in January to study radioactive elements in a nationally-renowned lab.

MU researchers conducted a series of studies to measure how people use intuition to determine scenarios as morally wrong

“I was just really curious about individual differences and how people react to these things and the reasons that that happens,” Sarah Ward said.

MU social work professors research the relationship between veterans and the criminal justice system

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, veterans make up about 8 percent of the U.S. prison population.

Mizzou Athletics explores ways of creating ‘zero waste’ at Memorial Stadium after study released

The study found that Memorial Stadium generates over 47 metric tons of waste over five games, most of which is unsold food from concession stands.

MU associate professor Catherine Rymph's new book about the history of American foster care to come out in October

Postdoctoral teaching fellow Cassandra Yacovazzi: “Her book raises the question of what our responsibility is to the community and the children in the community in which we live.”

Study names MU professor as most productive researcher in his field

“When we hired him, we hired somebody who, in our field, was viewed as one of the top, if not the top, overall researcher,” said T. Chris Riley-Tillman, chair of the department of educational, school and counseling psychology.

MU professor receives $460,000 grant to research tick-borne diseases

The project is expected to last three years and will involve various experiments involving ticks and cattle to study their responses to deadly pathogens.

Husband and wife duo examines SNL’s impact on 1976 election

Dr. William Horner: “If you’re faced with two guys and you portray one as a little bit disingenuous, maybe willing to say anything to get elected, and the other one as a fool, it’s clear who they think would be a better president.”

New Media and Diversity Center opens at MU

The center has started a mentorship program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in issues of diversity in the media.

Scientific society elects three MU faculty for their 'distinguished' research

The honorees’ work covers a range of areas from plant genetics to specialized cardiology.

Cancer Research Center uses salmonella to target tumors

CRC Research Director Abraham Eisenstark: “We’ll have a double-whammy. We have the cargo vehicle, the bacteria, and we have the cargo to do some destruction.”

MU researchers attempt to minimize dining hall waste

Professor Ron McGarvey: “Whenever you throw away a pound of beef, you aren’t just throwing away the food.”

Former chancellor takes on new role as director of national security research at MU

R. Bowen Loftin has experience in the field, having worked with agencies like NASA and the military to develop effective ways to train and educate.

MU researchers bring awareness to emotional support animals

ESAs raise ethical and legal questions for clinical psychologists and their clients.

MU researchers predict senior citizens’ falls through Xbox Kinect devices

By using Xbox Kinect, researchers hope to help nurses and caretakers better prevent senior citizens from falling.

Two projects approved for Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Scholars program

Assistant history professor Daniel Domingues: “[Students] will learn important skills, not just for their studies at the university but also for their careers.”

Following death of six beagle puppies, advocacy group sues MU over animal testing records

Director of operations of the Beagle Freedom Project: “...We started combing through past published research from [MU], and that is how we stumbled upon this particularly gruesome experiment where they blinded and killed these nine-month-old puppies.”