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Researchers investigate discrimination experiences of MU students, parent-child communications in low income families

The IDE Excellence Grant was awarded in December to nine projects.

Partial shutdown complicates financial aid process, research grants

The monthlong government shutdown has halted new research funding and slowed students’ ability to receive tax documents.

MU professor receives $460,000 grant to research tick-borne diseases

The project is expected to last three years and will involve various experiments involving ticks and cattle to study their responses to deadly pathogens.

Former chancellor takes on new role as director of national security research at MU

R. Bowen Loftin has experience in the field, having worked with agencies like NASA and the military to develop effective ways to train and educate.

Loftin’s new position focuses on connecting faculty with research opportunities

R. Bowen Loftin: “People seem to think I’m doing nothing, which is totally false. I’ve been very busy since all this happened back in November.”

Cancer survivor and medical student pursues cancer research

Dan Miller: “I am a sort of idealist. I think we need to be thinking about the next generation and thinking about our kids.”

MU Libraries struggle to make improvements after fee fails

Without funding from the proposed library fee, the libraries may have to decrease their hours.

From ‘Fifty Shades’ to Martha Stewart: A look into Melissa Click’s research

Click’s research topics have been called into question by lawmakers since her involvement in protests last fall.

Nixon proposes $5 million more for MU’s Thompson Center

The funding would boost treatments, community programs, trainings and research.

Unused university land could create more STEM jobs

The 5-year plan would offer tax incentives to companies who used the land.

Professors Birchler, Katti to be inducted as NAI Fellows

The two professors join Chancellor Loftin and Dr. Hank Foley as NAI Fellows from MU.

MU receives federal grant for supercomputer

Students and faculty will be able to further studies in bioinformatics, geoinformatics, high performance computing and engineering applications.