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MU Residential Life moves off campus to apartments

ResLife has apartments at the Rise, U Centre on Turner and Campus Lodge.

As housing occupancy increases, rates will decrease

Gary Ward, interim vice chancellor of student affairs and vice chancellor of operations, estimates that more than 83 percent of students will pay less in 2019–2020 to live on campus.

Residential Life adopts neighborhoods for new housing application

In an attempt to help foster a new sense of community as well as simplify the overall process, Residential Life has worked with MU’s admissions office to develop a new housing application.

MU introduces ResLife initiative with reduced housing and dining costs

The initiative will result in a 3.5 percent cost reduction for the most common housing and dining plans.

New Hall remains unfinished in more ways than just its name

New Hall President Ryan Geising: “There was a huge time crunch to get the hall ready. So, yes we are able to host students and have them live here, but we are not to the standard that the other halls are at.”

Center, Responsibility and Discovery halls will close next year

An email from Frankie Minor to student staff said the decision to take the halls offline was due to low freshman enrollment.

Recovery-focused housing to continue despite vacancies

None of the rooms offered in Discovery Hall were filled.

Recovery-focused sober housing remains empty, still “work in progress”

Wellness Resource Center director Kim Dude: “[Sober housing] would’ve just been another additional service, but it’s not the most important service we can provide.”

MU researchers bring awareness to emotional support animals

ESAs raise ethical and legal questions for clinical psychologists and their clients.

Graduate students see new on-campus housing option as short-term response

Graduate student leader Kristofferson Culmer: “It is a temporary solution, and I appreciate that from the university, but the issue of graduate student housing needs a long-term solution.”

Graduate student housing to include Respect Hall, Tiger Reserve next year

The Department of Residential Life plans to assess the success of the new housing options midway through the 2016–17 year.

Department of Residential Life targets current students in residence hall advertisements

Because of a decline in freshman enrollment, ResLife is encouraging older students to return to residence halls.

Respect and Excellence halls’ student staff not guaranteed floor positions

The hall closures come from the expected enrollment decline of 1,500 students.

Laws and Lathrop halls to close for 2016–17 following enrollment decrease

ResLife Director Frankie Minor: “We will continue to look at other ways to reduce our operating costs and will share those as we identify them.”

Student organizations, administrators condemn Gateway Hall vandalism

The incident is the second anti-Semitic act of vandalism at the hall this school year.

Maneater Long Reads: Two Years, No Progress

MU has taken few steps toward providing new graduate student housing and child care since a walkway in the University Village housing complex collapsed, and graduate students want the university to recognize their needs.

Residential Life considers new flat fee for laundry

The potential fee is expected to be between $80 and 100.

Curators discuss presidential search committee and construction projects

Room and board rates will rise 4.1 percent for the 2016-17 school year.

Residential Life adjusts housing plans for 2016 as enrollment estimates drop

An estimated decrease of 941 applications is expected for the fall 2016 semester, coming entirely from non-residents.

Residential Life to eliminate desk supervisor position

The position will be replaced by a senior desk attendant position.