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Chloé Radio seeks to give voice to brand’s image

Augustin Trapenard interviewed six French women thought to represent the Chloé woman for the brand’s new podcast.

The premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’ promises fantastic season

Although Kanye West’s performances were not up to par, the season premiere’s writing was phenomenal.

BROCKHAMPTON reemerges with ‘iridescence’

Hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON overcomes domestic abuse scandal and loss of member Ameer Vann in new album ‘iridescence.’

JoJo is making a comeback while showcasing artistic growth

JoJo left the audience with advice, encouragement and hope for the future.

G#’s Musical Radar: Cold War Kids’ ‘L.A. Divine’ is its weakest LP yet

The indie rockers’ hometown tribute boasts a handful of memorable tracks but lacks creativity.

The Deal With Documentaries: ‘Spring Broke’ shares the history of a famously reckless vacation

The 2016 documentary shows the rise and fall of two of the most popular spring break destinations.

‘Logan’ is the Wolverine film we’ve always wanted

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart made their last on-screen performances of two titular characters absolutely timeless.

For the Love of Movies: In ‘Toni Erdmann,’ comedy and drama collide

Director Maren Ade sculpted a film worth seeing.

Lorde is releasing new music, and you are ‘Liable’ to like it

Get ready for her upcoming album, “Melodrama,” by listening to this single.

In ‘Quest,’ music drives the story

The Rainey family works through obstacles and still gives back to the community.

‘Distant Constellation’ juxtaposes innovation and quiescence

Shevaun Mizrahi’s “work in progress” film features individuals from all walks of life.

‘The Grown-Ups’ brings awareness to Down syndrome

Director Maite Alberdi’s humanizes three individuals affected by the syndrome in her documentary.

‘Rat Film’ is about something more profound than rats

The documentary opens viewers’ eyes to socioeconomic separation in Baltimore.

The Deal With Documentaries: ‘And the Oscar Goes To…’ reveals the history and politics behind the awards

The 2014 documentary explores the history of the prestigious awards in great depth.

New season of ‘VICE’ will captivate your curiosity

MOVE’s resident investigative journalist says the program’s investigations will make you feel smarter.

‘Two Plays in Two Days: X’ explores the assassination of Malcolm X

‘X’ leaves the audience to reflect upon their place in history.

Characters mature as ‘Girls’ comes to its final season

The show kicks off season 6 with a tryst in the Hamptons.

For the Love of Movies: ‘Get Out’ is a cringe-worthy success

Jordan Peele’s debut film makes socio-political horror comedy seem easy.

The Deal With Documentaries: ‘13th’ delves into how prominent inequality still is

The 2016 documentary explores legislation that has led to racially disproportionate prison overcrowding.

Look around, look around: ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ blows us all away

The collection of covers and reimagined tracks is an exquisite love letter to “Hamilton” fans.