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Amid the hustle of the new school year, MU students campaign for hall government positions.

Students at MU look to improve life in their residential communities.

MU introduces new Residential Life housing locations and changes to dining plans

The new housing is located in Rise on 9th, U Center on Turner Avenue and Campus Lodge.

Bill proposing instatement of new position within RHA passes unanimously

The bill, which was rejected April 22, passed unanimously April 29 after undergoing revision

Donovan and Johnson to revisit rejected bill addressing retention issues within RHA

The bill, which proposed a new RHA position in order to oversee and manage recruitment and retention due to low retention rates, was rejected in congress.

Residence Halls Association connects students with “RHA Carnival”

RHA hosted a carnival for MU students and staff members to come together.

Increased enrollment creates changes within RHA and Residential Life

The 14.4 percent increase in enrolled students causes five residence halls that weren’t operational last year to reopen.

Dare/Donovan elected RHA executives

Dare and Donovan ran unopposed under the campaign “Dare Donovan.”

New Hall remains unfinished in more ways than just its name

New Hall President Ryan Geising: “There was a huge time crunch to get the hall ready. So, yes we are able to host students and have them live here, but we are not to the standard that the other halls are at.”

RHA speaker-elect hopes to increase collaboration between student governments

Nathan Dare, who will be sworn in April 24, said his biggest objective will be pushing for an all-upperclassman residence hall.

RHA hopes to increase transparency, overcome budget problems in coming year

The organization has passed a $5 semesterly fee increase which will help mitigate the effects of lower enrollment and work to create greater transparency.

Who represents you at MU: a guide to student governments

MSA controls a $1.6 million budget and LBC is the country’s only university-funded black student government. Find out more about these and other organizations.

RHA passes legislation to raise social fee

Congressman Garren Wegener, the bill’s author, said the $5 increase was necessary to expand RHA’s relevance on campus.

Joint session calls for MU to divest from prison labor

MSA passed the resolution to condemn MU products made by state inmates, but some representatives questioned the research behind the legislation.

RHA plans to combat anti-Semitism on campus

Donley: “What happens in the future is not affected by only the action but the inaction of students.”

RHA elects Bourke/ Pangborn

Matt Bourke: “I’m really glad we’re going to be able to show RHA what we can do in the next year.”

Top moments from the Residence Halls Association presidential debate

Voting begins March 2 at 10:00 a.m. and goes until March 4 at 10:00 a.m. Results will be announced March 4 in Traditions Plaza.

Meet the two RHA presidential slates

Slates will focus on issues concerning students in the residence halls, such as mental health and inclusion.

Residence Halls Association to allow another slate to enter the presidential election

Voting will still be open from 10 a.m. March 2 to 10 a.m. March 4.

Election overlap could raise voter turnout, endorsement issues for RHA and MSA

RHA Chief Justice Garrett Wilt: “You’ve got the potential for two slates, one in RHA and one in MSA, to collaborate with one another. If one of them fails, it could create an awfully awkward situation.”

Slate drops out of Residence Halls Association presidential election

Voting begins on March 2.