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Alexia Donovan, Cory Johnson share goals for RHA presidential term

Donovan and Johnson’s RHA presidential campaign strives to create community through collaboration, approachability and sustainability.

News at the ZOU: March 6 Quiz

True/False, campus elections, Missouri basketball and more in this week’s news quiz.

News at the ZOU: Feb. 27 Quiz

MSA and RHA debates, TigerWiFi and more in this week’s news quiz.

Five takeaways from the RHA presidential debate

Recca/Davis emphasized campus safety, while Davis/Richmond hope to diversify the Residence Halls Association from the top down.

RHA presidential hopefuls reveal platforms

Voting opens March 1 and closes March 3.

RHA elects Bourke/ Pangborn

Matt Bourke: “I’m really glad we’re going to be able to show RHA what we can do in the next year.”

Top moments from the Residence Halls Association presidential debate

Voting begins March 2 at 10:00 a.m. and goes until March 4 at 10:00 a.m. Results will be announced March 4 in Traditions Plaza.

Meet the two RHA presidential slates

Slates will focus on issues concerning students in the residence halls, such as mental health and inclusion.

Election overlap could raise voter turnout, endorsement issues for RHA and MSA

RHA Chief Justice Garrett Wilt: “You’ve got the potential for two slates, one in RHA and one in MSA, to collaborate with one another. If one of them fails, it could create an awfully awkward situation.”

Slate drops out of Residence Halls Association presidential election

Voting begins on March 2.

RHA presidential slates finalized

Elections will begin on Feb. 27 and results will be announced March 1.

Folk-Weber elected RHA president, vice president

Zack Folk and Lindsay Weber received 37 percent of the 748 student votes.

RHA’s Iron Chef competition challenges chefs’ creativity with 'secret ingredient'

Teams from Rollins, Pavilion, Plaza 900 and the MU Student Center created dishes for expert critique.

RHA presidential slates debate visibility, sustainability

Slate Rucker-Krenning said they would like to have recycle bin options in the rooms of the residential halls.