The Maneater


RSVP Center hosts four panelists to speak on legalities of sexual violence cases

Panelists discussed barriers to reporting and how people can prevent sexual violence.

RSVP Center to help lead first National Green Dot Day of Action

Prevention Coordinator Chris Walters: “We are actually the birthplace, the creator of this idea. We’re really excited that it at least had a little start here.”

Denim Day will work to end sexual violence stereotypes

RSVP staffer Marlee Ellison: “Denim Day is a huge global thing now, which is really powerful.”

MU senior gives final performance after participating in Vagina Monologues for four years

Vagina Monologues participant Clarissa Hughes: “If you see me now, I’m a superwoman, but back then I was very naive to what it meant to be a feminist.”

Bus ad helps to spread the word about Green Dot

RSVP Center coordinator Christopher Walters: “We can make an impact in stopping violence.”

RSVP Center holds presentation on the new realities of social media stalking

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 7.5 million people are stalked in one year in the US.

RSVP Center confronts perceptions of stalking in National Stalking Awareness Month

The RSVP will host a lunch discussion on Jan. 27 and a presentation called Stalking and Social Media on Jan. 28.

Green Dot Conference spots the points that need to be discussed regarding power-based violence

MU plans to host a nationwide event with other schools who participate in the Green Dot program next year.

The RSVP Center’s Clothesline Project tells survivors’ and supporters’ stories

The Clothesline Project started in Massachusetts in 1990 and has now spread to 41 states and five countries.

STARS executive board hopes to educate students on sexual violence prevention

In addition to their previous event Rock Against Rape, the RSVP Center will host more events, such as Take Back the Night and the Vagina Monologues.

“The Hunting Ground” draws attention to sexual assault on college campuses

The documentary highlights the failures of colleges to address sexual assault; MU hopes to be the exception.

Not Anymore training reveals need for education

“If folks are surprised at the definition of consent, then we have a problem,” Scates said.

Musicians, poets and dancers take a stance against rape culture at Rock Against Rape

The center wanted to use multiple art forms to share their message of zero-tolerance for violence.

RSVP Center and The Maneater switch offices over summer

With increasing Title IX funding, the RSVP Center needed more space to accommodate their three new staff members.

Summit unites Greek student leaders, alumni, administration in tackling sexual assault

“I think this could be a national model,” Scroggs said. “Within a year, they’re going to be saying ‘Let’s do things like the University of Missouri.’ That’s our goal. We intend to be the national model.”

Take Back the Night returns to MU

The event encouraged survivors to share their experiences.

RSVP Center hosts “Denim Day,” in honor of sexual violence awareness month

Denim Day was started in California in April 1999.

Green Dot Conference trains students how to prevent power-based violence

Forty-six percent of conference attendees admitted being victims of some form of violence.

Organizations raise teen dating violence awareness

RSVP has been raising awareness through posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.