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Davis is not a hero

The debate against same-sex marriage continues

The SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage is a huge step forward for America

The court case is an important milestone in securing equality in the LGBTQ community

Boone County begins issuing marriage licenses for gay couples

Subtle changes were made to marriage applications in anticipation on the Supreme Court’s decision.

Students react to Supreme Court’s decision on legalizing gay marriage in all states

When MU sophomore MJ Cihak heard about the Supreme Court’s decision, she cried.

Sexual orientation non-discrimination bill essential for Missouri

Protecting the rights of citizens should be Missouri’s first priority, and passing this bill would cement this belief.

Ending Alabama’s resistance to gay marriage

Chief Justice Roy Moore is overlooking all of the benefits that same-sex marriage can have on the state of Alabama.

A long way from done

Marriage equality is not the only kind of LGBTQ equality that we need to be fighting for

Same-sex marriages performed in other states now valid in Missouri

Attorney General Koster said the ruling will help businesses in Missouri.

A step in the right direction

Missouri still has a long way to go when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Marriage equality, also known as basic human rights

According to our Thomas Jefferson, same-sex marriage should be permitted in this country

Missouri’s fight for equality

It’s time for Missouri to legalize same-sex marriage