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New School of Medicine study links levels of serotonin to dysphagia in mice could open door to new ALS, Parkinson’s treatment

A new study opens the door for ALS and Parkinson’s research but is just a drop in the bucket for this researcher and her team.

Professor and director of research receives $1.8 million federal grant

The National Institutes of Health has awarded MU professor Mahesh Thakkar, Ph.D., with a federal grant to study the role of alcohol in insomnia and brain inflammation.

MU researchers continue to retrain immune system to fight cancer after receiving a $3.7 million grant

The study is developing a compound called “fab fragment” that will increase the sensitivity of T cells to cancer cells.

Scientific society elects three MU faculty for their 'distinguished' research

The honorees’ work covers a range of areas from plant genetics to specialized cardiology.

MU School of Medicine associate dean resigns, is replaced

School of Medicine spokeswoman Mary Jenkins: “Dr. Laine Young-Walker brings excellent credentials and training to her new role.”

Former MU School of Medicine dean reinstated following resignation

Many faculty felt the resignation was a firing by former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.

Professor recognized for new approach to cancer treatment

Indian Parliament member Anantkumar Hegde: “Almost 15 years ago, I had recognized the tremendous scientific potential of Katti. I am not surprised that he has won awards of scientific excellence from almost every nation on this planet."

MU presents five awards for contribution to campus diversity

The award celebrates various areas of diversity from gender to economic strata.

Faculty Council continues debate over new Title IX rules

“I think we should avoid going too far down the road without figuring out what we think,” Associate Professor of Law Ben Trachtenberg said. “This isn’t the faculty council on Title IX affairs.”

Curators discuss supplemental fee increases

The proposed fees would generate a little over $2 million for MU.

Delafontaine begins as MU School of Medicine dean

Delafontaine said he plans to improve the academic structure of the School of Medicine by integrating clinical work, research, and teaching.

2015 MCAT exam will include more questions, new sections

The new test will contain 54 more questions and take more than seven hours to complete.

Delafontaine named new School of Medicine dean

Delafontaine has 37 years of experience in both clinical work and education.

Funding for MU schools contingent on General Assembly vote

The university would receive a total of more than $13 million in funding.

Head-shaving event aims to raise childhood cancer awareness, donations

This year’s event has a goal of raising more than $50,000.

MU Medical school leads research project for combat medic training

The $5.3 million will be used to conduct research on effective combat medicine techniques

Medical students receive award for community service

MU’s Family Medicine Interest Group received a national award for their community service.

Medical School seeks to help non-traditional applicants

The Medical School offered a two-day workshop to advise students on applications.

School of Medicine hosts Nobel Laureate

Leading neuroscientists gathered at MU to discuss their findings.

School of Medicine receives $7.6 million grant

This is the second-largest grant the school has received this year.