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MU assistant professor of psychological sciences recognized in list of 100 most inspiring Black scientists in America

Booker joins Black scientists from all over the country in CrossTalk’s list to spread work and talent of minorities in science.

Science magazine staff writer speaks about CRISPR, its ethical debate

Jon Cohen battles with the good and bad applications of gene editing technology in a visiting lecture series at MU.

March for Science - Mid-Missouri holds a panel discussion over issues and triumphs in the fields of research and public policy

Panelists discussed how to continue advocating for science-based policy and how to get involved in the movement.

Life Sciences Week brings together posters, speakers, scientists across MU’s campus

Life Sciences Week took place from April 9-14 and was sponsored by the MU School of Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Women in STEM at MU continue to break down barriers

These three students are plugging in, making an impact within their fields of study and encouraging young girls to do the same.

Professor recognized for new approach to cancer treatment

Indian Parliament member Anantkumar Hegde: “Almost 15 years ago, I had recognized the tremendous scientific potential of Katti. I am not surprised that he has won awards of scientific excellence from almost every nation on this planet."

MU researchers aim to improve HIV drugs

Bond Life Sciences Center researchers are working to identify weak spots in the HIV virus.

Foley adds AAAS Fellowship to list of accomplishments

The MU professor and administrator was honored for his work with nanoporous carbons and campus involvement.

Caterpillar’s chewing is music to scientists’ ears

MU researchers discover plants can hear themselves being eaten.

Gavin King receives Innovation Award for building first 3-D force microscope

King’s interest in science stemmed from tinkering with toys as a child.

Wetlands essential for migrating mallards, MU researchers find

The U.S. has lost approximately 53 percent of its natural wetlands since the 1780s.

National Center for Soybean Biotechnology maps genetics of soybeans

Researchers in the lab are working on drought resistance and seed composition projects, among others.

MU professor predicts another hot, dry summer for 2013

Can CoMo handle 80 more inches of snow to balance out past summer’s drought?

MU Faculty Council discusses closing of NSEI

Concerns included harming MU's reputation and the university's ability to get grants.

MU scientists pursue nanoparticle radiation treatment for cancer

After further testing, the scientists could seek FDA approval.

MU engineering team invents handheld, portable X-ray device with potential uses in various fields

The device is about the size of a stick of gum.

Renowned scientists Napoleon Chagnon, Martin Daly join MU Department of Anthropology

Napoleon Chagnon and Martin Daly are joining the faculty as research professors.

Micro-bubbles detecting artery inflammation in pigs may help people, MU study shows

The study, if effective in humans, may help those in risk for heart disease and stroke.

Missouri Life Sciences Week brings scientists, leaders together

Activities throughout the week include forums, presentations and an awards presentation.

Astronomy is fair pursuit, but we can't lose focus on Earth