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Tag: Sen. Roy Blunt

Climate activists march in Columbia

More than 100 activists marched from the Boone County Courthouse to Sen. Roy Blunt’s office.

Blunt gives speech on Monuments Men recognition at MU

The senator’s resolution will award the Congressional Gold Medal to “scholar-soldiers.”

McCaskill, Blunt seek to reform military sexual assault proceeding law

Supporters for the reform believe Article 32 to be biased against the victims of sexual assault.

McCaskill, Blunt react to president’s statements on Syria

The president said he would put off a vote on the military strike while working on a diplomatic option.

Debate shuts down student loan bill, interest rates now doubled 

Roughly 7 million college students will be affected by the decision.

Protestors ask Missouri McCaskill, Blunt to close Guantanamo Bay

The protestors dressed in orange jumpsuits.

U.S. Senate considers Internet sales tax

Missouri loses $239 million in Internet tax revenue each year.

Blunt proposes avoiding essential worker furloughs

MU has yet to feel the pinch of sequestration cuts.

Blunt criticized for provision protecting Monsanto crops

Monsanto has donated to MU and Blunt in recent years.

Missouri senators split over Hagel confirmation

Hagel was confirmed as Secretary of Defense on Tuesday.

Blunt congratulates MU professor on National Medal of Science

Sen. Roy Blunt says MU professor’s boron research shows "incredible promise."

In wake of Sandy Hook, Blunt sponsors mental health bills

Half of MU students reported feeling serious stress last semester.

Missouri communities, including Joplin, set to receive more aid

Amidst Congressional debate over disaster funding, Blunt finds alternative for funds.

McCaskill, Blunt organize river management group

Due to recent flooding, Missouri senators are organizing managing problems.

Blunt, McCaskill back Nixon’s disaster declaration request to Obama

Blunt sponsored a tax relief act and announced the Joplin Tomorrow Foundation.

McCaskill, Blunt support legislation reducing federal spending

Both senators support legislation capping federal spending at 20 percent of the GDP.

U.S. Senate candidates reach out through student groups

The campaigns aim to reach out to younger demographics.

Blunt, Carnanhan clash in Lake Ozark in Missouri U.S. Senate race

The candidates had previously debated in Kansas City on Thursday.

Poll showing Blunt lead leaves out Columbia area, young voters

The poll showed Blunt’s largest lead to date.

Carnahan talks Congressional ethics on Columbia visit

The candidate for U.S. Senate spoke at a Columbia store Tuesday morning.