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Sexual abuse suspect arrested with public’s cooperation

The booking was made less than 24 hours after initial crime notification was released.

Take Back the Night raises money, support for sexual assault survivors

Since the 1970s, Take Back the Night has worked to prevent and eliminate sexual violence.

Over 100 MU students march to Take Back the Night

RSVP Center coordinator Danica Wolf: “We need to be on the same page, on the same journey together, to change our culture.”

Denim Day will work to end sexual violence stereotypes

RSVP staffer Marlee Ellison: “Denim Day is a huge global thing now, which is really powerful.”

Sexual assault allegation leads to student arrest, pending investigation

Sophomore Conner Whyte was arrested Sunday on suspicion of first-degree rape and sodomy Sunday afternoon.

Title IX Office expects rise in investigations after changes

MU’s new Office for Civil Rights and Title IX handles a wider range of discrimination besides sexual harassment.

TAPP to host panel discussion about sexual violence legislation

TAPP President Helen Bass: “This event is not intended to discredit nor support movements for survivor-based policy or proposals for increased defendants’ rights — it’s to get people with different ideas in one room together for a discussion.”

IFC peer education seeks to prevent sexual violence, break down societal expectations for men

IFC VP of Programming Nick Danter said he saw the chapter members become willing to have frank, open discussions.

‘Safe Campus Act’ creates controversy

Under the Safe Campus Act, colleges and universities would be barred from taking any action against a student accused of sexual assault if the victim chooses not to involve police.

Meet the three MSA presidential slates

The slates address a variety of issues from increasing affordability in housing and dining to advocating for mental health and social justice issues to better the lives of MU students.

STARS executive board hopes to educate students on sexual violence prevention

In addition to their previous event Rock Against Rape, the RSVP Center will host more events, such as Take Back the Night and the Vagina Monologues.

Low reporting numbers highlighted in AAU campus climate survey

Of the 78.8 percent of female victims of penetration by force, 61 percent did not believe the incident was serious enough to report.

Task force formed to look at AAU survey results

Almost one-third of MU senior women have experienced unwanted sexual contact while at MU.

Musicians, poets and dancers take a stance against rape culture at Rock Against Rape

The center wanted to use multiple art forms to share their message of zero-tolerance for violence.

RSVP Center hosts concert to stand up against sexual violence

This is the first Rock Against Rape concert in three years.

Protection a possibility for sexual abuse victims in Missouri

“This bill is important because it leaves no doubt in the law that sexual abuse is included when courts are making judgements in abuse cases,” Rep. Marsha Haefner, R-St. Louis, said. “I know it sounds a bit redundant but many felt there was a need to furt

Questions linger about trail safety

Recent assaults on the MKT Trail are causing some to question safety measures.

McCaskill fights back against sexual assault

Senator Claire McCaskill and a team of senators strengthened the Campus Accountability and Safety Act in hopes of moving it through the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Loftin, Consortium ought to learn from their comedy of errors leading up to summit.

While the summit has potential, mistakes need to be addressed in order to be considered the ‘national model.'

Summit unites Greek student leaders, alumni, administration in tackling sexual assault

“I think this could be a national model,” Scroggs said. “Within a year, they’re going to be saying ‘Let’s do things like the University of Missouri.’ That’s our goal. We intend to be the national model.”