The Maneater


SFRC turns focus to divisional councils

Chairwoman Catalano said SFRC aims to do “everything in their power that students want to see.”

Former MSA Budget Committee chairwoman becomes new SFRC chair

Catalano has been on SFRC since her freshman year.

Official SFRC request passes MSA Senate

Funding from the request will benefit RSVP, Tiger Pantry, DSA and other campus organizations.

MSA’s fee request process becomes official

With the new bylaw changes, senators have to approve the request before it goes to SFRC.

Changes to be made to Student Fee Review Committee

Any MU student will be able to apply for a position on the committee.

Student fee review process differ from SEC, Big 12 schools

As MU looks to change the student fee review processes, student leaders at other universities share their procedures.

MSA Senate did not approve student fee increase despite protocols in bylaws

Although the Student Fee Review Committee did not present fee increases to senate before it was approved, the fees will increase by $11.16 starting this summer.

Student fee increase proposed by MSA, SFRC

The increase would cost students in the range of 75 cents to $1