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Rise in vaping leads to calls for increased regulations

Analysts have linked the decrease in cigarette use to a shift towards vape products rather than a decrease in nicotine consumption.

MU Health Care’s nicotine-free policy an unnecessary overreach

The problematic policy would ban new employees from using legal products.

‘Tobacco 21’ proposal ignites debate over freedoms

The bill’s proponents aim to aid public health, but opponents argue it would curtail individual rights.

Columbia Housing Authority considers banning smoking in public housing

Public housing residents in Columbia may soon no longer be permitted to smoke in their homes.

MU extends no-smoking ban to city-owned streets on campus

Parts of Conley, Hitt, Ninth and Rollins streets are now off-limits to smokers.

City considers raising legal age for tobacco

As a college town, the new rule could majorly affect Columbia.

Hazy feelings toward effectiveness of smoking ban

Smokers on campus have decreased but not dispersed completely.

MU to become smoke-free July 1

There are no set consequences for smoking on campus in the new policy.

Smokers continue to light up despite limitation policy

Despite MU's new smoke-free policy, people are smoking outside of the designated areas on campus.

Next step in MU's smoke-free policy approaching

The second phase of the policy will designate specific areas for smoking in July.

Columbia smoke shops offer more than just smokeables

MOVE visited four Columbia smoke shops.

Last lecture in diversity series discusses adolescent smoking

American Indians have the highest smoking rate.

MU study finds new smoking factors

Although Asian Americans begin smoking later, they are more likely to smoke regularly.

PASS, campus work toward smoke-free environment

Campus aims to be smoke-free by Jan. 1, 2014.