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Queer Liberation Front welcomes variety acts in its annual drag show

The scarcity of drag performers leaves the Queer Liberation Front to expand its popular drag show event.

MU graduate student wins Inclusive Excellence award

Melina Constantine Miseo is a sociology PhD student studying transgender youth and their parents.

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks protests Afghan war 17 years after initial attack

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks members and volunteers explained why demilitarization is still important on the 17th anniversary of U.S. involvement with Afghanistan.

Service dog owners aim to educate the public on how to treat their animals

While they may seem like approachable and friendly animals, service dogs exist to aid their owners.

Service dog owners aim to educate the public on how to treat their animals

While they may seem like approachable and friendly animals, service dogs exist to aid their owners.

Students attend annual Social Justice Symposium to learn more about different facets of MU community

Students learned about issues such as sexuality, women’s rights, inclusion and diversity through workshops and a keynote speaker.

New reporting structure seeks to connect social justice centers

Kevin McDonald, interim vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity: “This is bringing the centers under one umbrella … My hope is that this will more systematically create a stronger connection with how social justice centers impact the students

Maneater endorsement prioritizes the wrong issues

MSA’s most pressing issue is the issue of diversity on campus.

Social Justice Symposium promotes social justice advocacy on MU’s campus

RHA President Billy Donley: “I’m in a student leadership position and a lot of these workshops and programs are very valuable to me to understand different topics such as privilege and allyship.”

Social justice organizations react to Wolfe’s resignation

NAACP, ADL and Forum on Graduate Rights speak out after UM System president resigns.

MU graduate argues that hunger striking is unreasonable strategy

The strategy has potential for more future harm than any possible good.

First MSA debate highlights social justice issues, personal hardships

The next debate, hosted by the BEC and RHA, will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26 at Bengal Lair.

Four Front hosts “If These Walls Could Talk” to share student experiences

The event followed “Hate Wall” as a way to bring all participants into a more intimate space.

Multicultural Center displays Hate Wall to give a voice to those who feel unheard

“Race and discrimination is a difficult conversation that a lot of people ignore on this campus,” senior Taylor Gentry said. “I know it’s difficult, but it's time to have that conversation, too many things have been going on and that’s why (the Hate Wall)

Violence spurs MU freshman Razia Hutchins to start “I Am For Peace” movement in Chicago

The peace march drew 3,000 people in June in its third year.

MSA president talks involvement, enacting social change

“I decided I was going to do whatever it took to make this place feel like home,” MSA president Head said.

The Baltimore protests are what the US needs

The peaceful protests against police brutality in Baltimore are what this country needs

Social Justice Symposium brings discussion of advocacy and activism for social change

The fourth annual Social Justice Symposium hopes to give students the knowledge to spread awareness and change through their theme, Tools for Change: Awareness, Advocacy and Activism.

11th annual Hate Wall addresses negative stereotypes on campus

The Hate Wall has moved locations from The Shack to the MU Student Center

BCC commemorates Gaines' fight against segregation

Gaines was denied admission to MU's law school in 1936 because of his race.