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‘The Social Dilemma’ tells an alarming tale of surveillance capitalism

‘The Social Dilemma’ details how media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google influence our reality.

COLUMN: It’s time to break up Big Tech

Data is the most valued commodity in the world. Its producers aren’t seeing a penny.

MU researcher looks into political polarization, lack of moderate voices on social media

Michael Kearney developed his own software called rtweet to collect mass amounts of user data from Twitter.

MUPD officer terminated after blackface photo discovered

The photo was taken prior to his employment with MUPD.

Military analyst and MU alumnus Jarred Prier discusses social media as cyber warfare

Prier discussed how cyber warfare has been used against the U.S. and its citizens.

MU study finds social media use does not decrease face-to-face social interactions

An individual’s social life depends less on whether they choose to use social media and more on how well they maintain friendships outside of it.

MSA Senate pushes to define role of communications director

According to a new Senate bill, “the need for a Senate Communications Director has become necessary due to the expansive growth of social media.”

How to manage social media in college

Don’t forget to update your parents.

Heavy usage of the “share” button could extinguish originality.

With large amounts of sharing on social media, people are less apt to create innovative ideas.

RSVP Center holds presentation on the new realities of social media stalking

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 7.5 million people are stalked in one year in the US.

Friends of Hunter Park say he ‘had a very twisted sense of humor’

MUPD officer Dustin Heckmaster: “I asked if he was quoting the Umpqua shooting; he replied, ‘mmhmm.’ I asked why he had quoted the phrase; Hunter replied, ‘I don’t know, I just … deep interest.’”

Twitter calls for MSA President’s resignation

Head apologized for posting on Facebook that the KKK had been sighted at MU.

Students offer rides and housing after anonymous threats arise

“It is important students help other students because many times the university cannot provide services to its students,” sophomore Evan Chiarelli said.

MU still looking into Loftin Twitter incident

DoIT is investigating why his account had favorited a pornographic tweet.

Pop Culture Shock: The logic of subtweets

MOVE columnist McKenna Bulkley on Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud.

Football handling social media criticism

Murphy said the team is sticking together following the loss to Indiana.

Students develop unique local campus weather service

Campus weather service provides a completely student-run forecasting service for MU students.

RJI research team finds where Twitter, politics intersect

The team helps to develop tools for processing “big data.”

False rumors of Brad Pitt visit to MU make social media rounds

Photos of Pitt in Los Angeles on Thursday countered the rumors.

New website caters to journalism students

J.School Buzz provides outlet for news and student opinions on the J school.