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Speakers on campus share controversial messages, displaying MU’s freedom of speech

While there are some restrictions on expressive actions, MU provides a fairly open platform to share ideas.

“Hacky sack guy” sets record, students show support

Students met at Speakers Circle to celebrate Derrick Fogle, who set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled in one hour while kicking a hacky sack.

MU welcomes two-time Pulitzer winner Larry Price to speak

Price presented photographs of children in Africa and Asia as they engaged in labor for nearly non-existent pay and exposed themselves to hazardous working conditions surrounded by toxins.

The episodes of race baiting at Speakers Circle are disgusting

Meyer: Those who engage in hateful discourse ought to be ashamed of themselves.

MU students, faculty and community members join in candlelight vigils to honor Paris attack victims

“We are brought together to share our humanity and compassion which there is no limit to unless we put it there ourselves,” Interim Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Chuck Henson said.

Multicultural Center displays Hate Wall to give a voice to those who feel unheard

“Race and discrimination is a difficult conversation that a lot of people ignore on this campus,” senior Taylor Gentry said. “I know it’s difficult, but it's time to have that conversation, too many things have been going on and that’s why (the Hate Wall)

Welcome to the Zou, don't feed the animals

Although some preachers in Speakers Circle spew hate, refuse to retaliate with the same behavior.

Absolute certainty and failed arguments at Speakers Circle

Whenever two sides of an issue cannot agree on the guidelines for a discussion, an argument is sure to fail

With the passing of a new bill, students can hold protests all throughout campus

The passing of the Campus Free Expression Act makes Missouri only the second state in the country to protect students First Amendment rights in this manner.

Speakers Circle: Where’s the limit?

“They aren’t inciting violence, but they are speaking with a vitriol that I’m not sure should be allowed on our grounds.”

Memorial service held at Speakers Circle in remembrance of the Nepal Earthquake

The MU Nepalese Student Association is raising funds for organizations that are helping to rebuild Nepal.

MU Improv performs for 12 hours to raise money for Active Minds

Because of its unexpected success, the members of MU Improv hope to see this event grow in upcoming years.

KCOU provides beats and you provide the rap

KCOU will host its Biannual Freestyle Rap Battle on Wednesday, April 8.

Two Great Pyrenees become a staple of Speakers Circle

The dogs’ owner has made a habit of stopping by campus.

Students plan rally after Ferguson decision

MU4MikeBrown held a "die-in" protest on Oct. 8 to show support for Michael Brown

Footbag more than a hobby for ‘Hacky Sack Man’

Derrick Fogle has been frequenting Speakers Circle for 20 years.

Columbia unites to honor Mike Brown

Three MU seniors organized the event to spread awareness of underlying issues behind the Ferguson riots.

Why I'll miss Brother Jed

Mizzou Stand for Freedom stands for 27 hours to protest human trafficking

Mizzou Stand for Freedom aimed to have 270 students stand in Speakers Circle throughout 27 hours.

Campus Basement debuts new MU satirical website

Mizzou Basement launched this week, bringing a sarcastic wit to covering MU topics.