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The RSVP Center and STARS collaborate on The Clothesline Project to help raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault.

The Clothesline Project was held at Lowry Mall on Oct. 3, continuing the tradition of decorating shirts to share personal stories dealing with sexual assault and violence.

Annual event “Take Back the Night” aims at ending sexual violence on campus

The event includes a march across campus and time for victims of sexual violence to share their stories

MU receives gold rating in most recent STARS report

Improving upon its 2015 score, MU received its second gold rating from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System.

Environmental Leadership Office merges under MU’s Sustainability Office

Communications Manager Karlan Seville of MU Operations: “[The merge] just clearly defines the Sustainability Office’s role. I think overall, it just points everybody in the right direction.”

MU senior gives final performance after participating in Vagina Monologues for four years

Vagina Monologues participant Clarissa Hughes: “If you see me now, I’m a superwoman, but back then I was very naive to what it meant to be a feminist.”

STARS executive board hopes to educate students on sexual violence prevention

In addition to their previous event Rock Against Rape, the RSVP Center will host more events, such as Take Back the Night and the Vagina Monologues.

Organizations raise teen dating violence awareness

RSVP has been raising awareness through posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.