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STRIPES, Tiger Pantry, Truman’s Closet will soon relocate to on-campus location

The new location, inside the Hitt Street Parking Structure, is more accessible than the soon-to-be former location on Rock Quarry Road.

MSA to cut auxiliary budgets

“Last year we trimmed most of the fat off of the budget, and that left us with the skeleton of the MSA budget. We came up on this year and, lo and behold, we had another small freshman class and there isn’t much fat to trim anymore.”

MU DUIs at lowest since 2001 as STRIPES nears 200,000 rides

Nearly 40 percent of college students said they had ridden in a car with a drunk driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

STRIPES will decrease wait time and increase safety with new dispatch system

The system could be implemented as early as the fall semester.

MSA presidential candidate Sean Earl talks service and involvement

The sophomore electrical engineering major cites his openness as his best leadership quality.

Sirany brings passion and high energy to Tiger’s Lair

Tiger’s Lair director Veronica DeStefano and Campus Activities Coordinator Kaci Drennan said at first they were unsure of Rachel Sirany, but after the first game, they think she is off to a good start.

Student volunteers keep STRIPES running, 14 years strong

Currently, STRIPES is working to lower its wait times, marketing coordinator Robbie Towner said.

STRIPES, Tiger Pantry and Truman’s Closet celebrate birthdays

Truman’s Closet turns 1 year old, Tiger Pantry turns 2 and STRIPES turns 13 this week.

People of Columbia

This week, we chatted with a STRIPES exec and a local stress reliever.

STRIPES member marks 150 nights of driving

This is Andrew Patchell's ninth semester with STRIPES.

STRIPES undergoes first weekend with new policy

STRIPES changed its person-per-ride policy last week to decrease wait times for patrons.

goMizzou, STRIPES continue to expand

The STRIPES module update was released during the fall semester.

STRIPES gives more than 10,000 rides this semester

The organization gave a total of 10,172 safe rides home during this fall semester.

MU donates to STRIPES for decade of driving

The Wellness Resource Center and Student Auxilary Services acknowledged its services.

STRIPES celebrates 10th birthday with MU students

STRIPES will be giving out cake in the student center on Oct. 4 to students wearing orange or STRIPES apparel.

STRIPES releases statement to clear up rumors

Six STRIPES patrons were not ticketed for being intoxicated last weekend, despite popular rumors.

New STRIPES app to be integrated with goMizzou

The new STRIPES app will allow patrons to request a ride without making a phone call.

STRIPES looks ahead after 100,000th ride

MU's safe-ride program will launch a "$100,000 for 100,000 rides" fundraiser later this year.

STRIPES sends updates via new texting program

About 50 students had signed up for the service, as of Thursday.

MSA to pay $6,000 for STRIPES house expansion

STRIPES will add a new phone room and storage space.