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Tag: Student Advocacy petition to remove Wolfe from office has over 700 signatures

The petition follows Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, which started Monday.

MU fails to fully meet students' demands

Despite granting health insurance to graduate students for a year, MU still has yet to respond to countless other demands by student groups.

Students camp out in support of #MizzouHungerStrike

Wolfe responded to the hunger strike in a statement released Tuesday.

STORIFY: Students demand Wolfe's resignation

Here's how campus responded to one student's hunger strike.

Students successful in fundraising efforts to aid Nepal earthquake victims

MU graduate Amy Wansing was in Nepal when in the earthquake and has raised more than $6,000 to aid relief efforts.

Campus demonstration ends at Loftin’s doorstep

MU4MikeBrown promoted the event with #WEBACK.

Free-speech debate remains after Charlie Hebdo attacks

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s building was attacked on Jan. 7.

Social Justice Symposium brings discussion of advocacy and activism for social change

The fourth annual Social Justice Symposium hopes to give students the knowledge to spread awareness and change through their theme, Tools for Change: Awareness, Advocacy and Activism.

Demonstrations arise after Roxy’s wristband deemed “offensive”

The wristband given out Thursday evening said “hands up, pants up.”