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Four Directions announces plans to create mural for MU Student Center

MU Four Directions hopes the mural will symbolize both its presence and the problems it faces on campus.

New MUPD substation to allow more student accessibility to on-campus officers

The station will allow officers to be more visible and available for students, Dean of Students Jeff Zeilenga said.

New student-owned businesses to open in Student Center

Homemade cosmetics shop, handmade jewelry shop and homemade popcorn shop will open through the Missouri Student Unions Entrepreneurial Program.

ThreadBare: To build a successful student venture

ThreadBare will accept applications for new prospective owners.

ThreadBare may stay longer than one year in Student Center

According to ThreadBare’s Instagram post: ThreadBare thrives to become “the most successful store in the Missouri Student Unions Entrepreneurial program’s history.”

Partnership with Pocket Points boosts ThreadBare growth

Chief Marketing Officer Kyle Gunby said the team gets an idea of the app’s impact on sales from the amounts of discounts they give and revenue they receive.

Barbecue from around the world cooked fresh at Do Mundo's

Read about the different homemade options across the Student Center during The Maneater’s six-week series.

Scratch-made pastries and beverages served at Infusion

Read about the different homemade options across the Student Center during The Maneater’s six-week series.

CDS Executive Chef dishes on the secrets of Mort’s

Read about the different homemade options across the Student Center during The Maneater’s six-week series.

Concerned Student 1950 and others plan to boycott Student Center

#BoycottUM started Tuesday night.

Stuff in a Box is helping families show their MU student some love

A tailgating box and holiday-themed boxes will soon be available.

ThreadBare, a gender-neutral consignment shop, tackles identity issues with affordable clothes

“At the end of the day, we are not here to celebrate sales and what we are selling,” co-founder Kyle Gunby said. “We are here to celebrate the person that is wearing what we are selling.”

Student feedback prompts installation of individual seating in Student Center

The new 39 stations feature power outlets in response to complaints of inaccessible electricity.

Let’s get down to business

The Student Unions Entrepreneurial Program allows students to operate small businesses for one school year in a space housed in the Student Center.

Full-time employment during college insufficient to cover tuition costs

With the 2014 average debt of MU graduates coming to nearly $25,000, students work both full and part time in attempts to afford college.

MSA suggests Tour Team swing through basement

MSA Senate’s Resolution 54-08 encourages the Office of Visitor Relations to include the basement of the MU Student Center in their campus tours.

Imagining a Student Union-topia

Here is a plan to create Heaven on campus — or at least Purgatory.

Amy Reidel to present art on Thursday

The artist will showcase original work from different mediums, techniques.

Heney to perform at Lunchtime Talent Showcase

Sophomore singer-songwriter Thomas Heney will perform Nov. 6

Teator to perform in MU Student Center at Lunchtime Talent Musical Showcase

MU senior takes different path than planned for future career starting with local performances.