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Students consider advantages and disadvantages of living near campus over farther away

Housing closer to campus means easier walks to class, but housing farther away brings cheaper prices.

MU Finance Committee approves new housing rates, Sinclair School of Nursing building budget

The committee is collaborating with financial consultant company Kaufman Hall to reach their financial performance goals.

Board of Curators discusses textbook affordability, student housing changes

A new partnership with Cengage and updated housing and dining rates headlined the November board meeting.

Dumas Apartment buildings house students since 1915

The Dumas buildings have been home to many students, including an Olympic athlete.

Task force tackles downtown parking

Task force staff representative Leah Christian: “There are a lot of conflicts on the task force, I think, a lot of divergent perspectives and not a lot of agreement on where we want to go."

Students struggle to find affordable, convenient housing options near campus

Sophomore Kelly Buer: “I wanted to live somewhere where I didn’t have to be shuttled to campus, and that’s very limiting and it’s expensive to be that close to campus.”

Graduate students see new on-campus housing option as short-term response

Graduate student leader Kristofferson Culmer: “It is a temporary solution, and I appreciate that from the university, but the issue of graduate student housing needs a long-term solution.”

Yearlong street closures to make way for new housing

The city will not charge the developer, Catalyst Design Works, to close portions of Elm, Fifth and Sixth streets.

How the housing freeze will affect developments near MU

The administrative delay on approving building permits near campus will be in effect until Dec. 1.

Graduate student housing to include Respect Hall, Tiger Reserve next year

The Department of Residential Life plans to assess the success of the new housing options midway through the 2016–17 year.

Department of Residential Life targets current students in residence hall advertisements

Because of a decline in freshman enrollment, ResLife is encouraging older students to return to residence halls.

New Mizzou Hillel center, student housing project delayed

Hillel director Jeanne Snodgrass cited the city’s rezoning process as the reason for the postponement.

A eulogy for Columbia’s historic downtown (1820-2016)

Remembering old Columbia’s charm as it’s replaced by luxury student housing.

City Council candidates talk about expanding student housing

Three City Council candidates express their opinion and future plans in face of increasing student housing in Columbia.

Law student starts petition to preserve historic downtown

The petition, which would create new zoning ordinances, has gained over 2,000 signatures to date.

Columbia makes way for 10-story student housing complex

Residents were evicted from James Condominiums, and Quinton’s Bar & Deli and Britches Clothing are closing for the apartments.

Oversupply of student housing may create trend of decreasing rent in Columbia

CEO of the Columbia Housing Authority Phil Steinhaus: “As new student housing gets built, it relieves some of the pressure that’s been on the rest of the housing market.”

Maneater Long Reads: Two Years, No Progress

MU has taken few steps toward providing new graduate student housing and child care since a walkway in the University Village housing complex collapsed, and graduate students want the university to recognize their needs.

Land for 10-story student housing complex approved

City Council voted to approve the consolidation of two lots into one for the complex.

Proposed student housing plan would take over Quinton’s Bar and Deli

The proposed structure dubbed “Rise Apartments” would be dedicated primarily to student housing with parking and retail spaces.