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Businesses make changes in their operations to limit the spread of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many businesses and offices to implement new procedures to keep employees and customers safe.

Amid pandemic, MU students struggle with mental health

Isolation and stress over online school have led to mental health struggles for some MU students.

‘More For Mizzou’ slate wins MSA presidential election

“More for Mizzou” received 1915 votes and “Tradition for Tomorrow” received 1017 votes.

BREAKING: MU moves classes online amid COVID-19 fears

MU made the decision to move classes online for the remainder of time leading up to spring break, which begins March 21.

Renowned gallerist Douglas Dawson lectures in MU ceramic studios

MU Clay Klub shares the cultural significance of historic vessels through Douglas Dawson’s impressive pottery collection.

BREAKING: MSA reschedules the MSA presidential election and student media funding referendum for March 9 to 11

The connection between the voting website and its database caused the voting system to not work.

INTERACTIVE: Students volunteer for various Democratic Party candidates

With the upcoming March 10 primary for Missouri, students are out supporting their favorite candidates.

Anthony Tretter and Kara Hjerstedt look to lead MSA with their More For Mizzou platform

Prepare for the March election by knowing the candidates.

Campaign Tradition for Tomorrow focuses on revamping MU’s traditions to be more inclusive

Trey Cook and Alaina Vacante are running for president and vice president under their campaign titled Tradition for Tomorrow.

MSA discusses final plans before the new administration takes over

The end of MSA’s current administration is fast approaching and they are working to finish any remaining details like a new program for students with disabilities.

Step Forward Mizzou ends campaign in MSA presidential race

The campaign stated in an email Wednesday morning they are dropping out for personal reasons.

STRIPES, Tiger Pantry, Truman’s Closet will soon relocate to on-campus location

The new location, inside the Hitt Street Parking Structure, is more accessible than the soon-to-be former location on Rock Quarry Road.

MSA presidential debate recap: candidates give their takes on student issues

The debate, hosted by The Maneater, had all three slates share their views on issues like student mental health and inclusivity.

Mizzou College Republicans work to support President Trump in 2020 election

Although the Mizzou College Republicans don’t officially endorse candidates, chapter president Anthony Garcia said the consensus among members is to support Trump.

What makes our elections democratic: MU expert explains

Interim Vice Provost Mary Stegmaier weighs in on election observation.

Our Revolution Mid-Missouri focuses on voter registration for Sanders’ campaign ahead of Missouri primary

The last of campus groups organizing for 2020 Democratic candidates is Our Revolution Mid-Missouri, which supports Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Politics of sororities questioned amid former member’s viral Twitter thread

A former Phi Mu member went from a sister to an outcast. Here is her story.

Mizzou for Pete works to appeal to Democrat, Republican voters

After a strong performance from Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the Iowa caucus, Mizzou for Pete looks to build off momentum in later primaries

Three mobile billboards inside Columbia, Missouri: medical group protests MU’s animal use in medicine

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine organized the event, calling for MU to use only simulators instead of live animals.

Missouri well below national average for state funding of higher education per capita, per student

Missouri pays $165 per capita for higher education, nearly $120 below the national average.