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COLUMN: MU’s tuition raise is unjustified

MU raising tuition for the 2020 school year raises concerns for students who struggle to adapt to the online environment.

Tuition to increase at least 1 percent in fall 2018

The 1 percent increase was settled on after the UM System Board of Curators struck a deal with Missouri lawmakers to keep state funding.

Board of Curators discusses possible tuition and supplemental fees increases

The curators discussed differential tuition as an alternative to imposing supplemental fees for individual schools and colleges at their meeting Thursday.

Tuition frozen for next year’s undergraduates

The bill will not impact MU’s plans to cut $20 million from campus spending or impose a hiring freeze due to declining enrollment.

How Bernie Sanders’ free college tuition plan would work

We analyze the components and implications of Bernie Sanders’ College for All Act.

Out-of-state students share tips about getting residency

One-third of the undergraduate student population faces almost $15,000 extra tuition fees as nonresidents.

Immigrants sue MU over in-state tuition

Students with an “unlawful presence” saw a tuition increase this year, after the passing House Bill 3 eliminated their in-state tuition.

Proposed funding increases face hurdles

If passed, Governor Nixon’s proposed tuition freeze and funding increase would mark a departure from recent trends in state support for higher education.

Higher education funding could increase 6 percent

For the fourth consecutive time, Gov. Jay Nixon proposed to freeze tuition fees and increase Missouri state funding.

Undocumented immigrants facing tuition hike

A small word change in a Missouri budget bill is costing two undocumented students big for the 2015-16 year.

Wolfe presents plan for new Missouri Promise scholarship program

The scholarship aims to improve college enrollment rates of high-achieving Missouri students.

‘Funding is the key’: Alumni and administrators advocate for MU at state capitol

UM System’s legislative goals are centered on increased state funding for higher education.

Recap: First day of Curators February meeting

Nonresident undergraduate tuition will rise by $23.20 per credit hour.

Tuition, fees to increase system-wide

The tuition increases were approved by the Board of Curators in a 6-1 vote.

Spain-Johanson report targets Missouri tuition

According to the report, MU tuition has nearly doubled since 1994 and loans make up almost 70 percent of all financial aid in Missouri.

Curators discuss supplemental fee increases

The proposed fees would generate a little over $2 million for MU.