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Summer Welcome leaders reflect on lessons learned, bonds created from the experience

Sophomore Gretchen Metzger: “I’ve learned so much about the university and what makes it a special place.”

MSA presidential candidate Sean Earl talks service and involvement

The sophomore electrical engineering major cites his openness as his best leadership quality.

Maneater Long Reads: Leadership Culture

There's a perceived overlap in student leadership positions, but the explanation is more complicated than favoritism, and programs are working to bring equality to their hiring processes.

Summer Welcome and Diversity Education

An analysis of the diversity education at Summer Welcome as an incoming freshman

Time to break the ice

While they may seem corny and unnecessary, freshman ice-breakers are extremely helpful

36 students chosen to lead Summer Welcome

Applicants go through three rounds of interviews.

People of Columbia

Next year’s Summer Welcome Student Coordinator and the owner of Chong’s Oriental Market

Small organizations benefit at Summer Welcome

The Student Activities Mart allows organizations to find the next year’s worth of participants.

MSA, IFC stress summer recruitment for freshmen

MSA and IFC are increasing summer recruitment in an attempt to inform and attract incoming freshmen.

Organizations hope to raise awareness at Summer Welcome

RHA hopes to gain more involvement by educating new students.

Summer Welcome Leaders work to incorporate diversity training

Minority groups and Summer Welcome staff met to discuss diversity.