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The Briefing: Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to Title IX won’t change anything just yet, according to Title IX Office

Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes include strengthening the rights of those accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Office for Civil Rights & Title IX hosts open forum to find assistant vice chancellor

MU students, staff and faculty provided the search committee with feedback on the qualities they would like the assistant vice chancellor to exhibit.

Title IX Office expects rise in investigations after changes

MU’s new Office for Civil Rights and Title IX handles a wider range of discrimination besides sexual harassment.

Faculty members stress conversation, education about sexual assault in TAPP-hosted panel

Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley: “In hookup culture, with a lack of sex education (and) with a lot of alcohol, you may make a really big mistake.”

Gateway Hall vandalized for second time this school year

This is the fourth time in a year that anti-Semitic messages have appeared in residence halls.

TAPP to host panel discussion about sexual violence legislation

TAPP President Helen Bass: “This event is not intended to discredit nor support movements for survivor-based policy or proposals for increased defendants’ rights — it’s to get people with different ideas in one room together for a discussion.”

Middleton gives first report as interim president in second day of curators meeting

Interim UM System President Mike Middleton: “This is a time of significant challenges to be sure, but also a time of significant opportunity.”

Eardley to lead new Office for Civil Rights and Title IX

“Ending discrimination is everyone’s responsibility,” Eardley said in an email to students. “We need you to use your voices to take a stand.”

MSA presidential candidate underwent Title IX investigation last winter

Gomez posted on Facebook about an incident for which he was found “not responsible,” later removed post.

Student leaders speak out on AAU survey

Over one-third of MU senior women have experienced unwanted sexual contact while at MU.

“The Hunting Ground” draws attention to sexual assault on college campuses

The documentary highlights the failures of colleges to address sexual assault; MU hopes to be the exception.

Not Anymore training reveals need for education

“If folks are surprised at the definition of consent, then we have a problem,” Scates said.

MU Title IX office releases annual report

In the 2014-15 academic year, there were 62 sexual assaults reported to the Title IX Office.

Summit unites Greek student leaders, alumni, administration in tackling sexual assault

“I think this could be a national model,” Scroggs said. “Within a year, they’re going to be saying ‘Let’s do things like the University of Missouri.’ That’s our goal. We intend to be the national model.”

Faculty Council vet race relations committee members, approve student leaders’ modifications to religious observance policy

Administration will give update on response to Call to Action during public race relations meeting April 29.

Board of Curators discuss mandated Title IX training, faculty retirement

“We’re trying to have the campuses do what’s best for their student population,” said Betsy Rodriguez, UM System vice president for human resource.

Four years after suicide, Sasha Menu Courey changes the system

Although the police investigation is inconclusive, it appears that the perpetrator of Menu Courey’s sexual assault was on the football team at the time.

MU creating more opportunities for women

With new female administrators at MU, opportunities are growing for women on campus.

Explaining Title IX

An in-depth look at the policies and what they mean for students.

Faculty Council continues debate over new Title IX rules

“I think we should avoid going too far down the road without figuring out what we think,” Associate Professor of Law Ben Trachtenberg said. “This isn’t the faculty council on Title IX affairs.”