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Students still find ways to smoke in face of Tobacco 21 ordinance

Despite the Tobacco 21 ordinance, students still find ways to obtain tobacco products and local businesses continue to sell to them.

First, Second and Sixth Ward elections bring fresh faces to City Council

Rev. Clyde Ruffin took the First Ward with 327 votes.

Tobacco 21 deserves swift repeal

The new law is unlikely to stop many from smoking, but sure to hurt local businesses.

Tobacco 21 petition efforts stirring

After failing to receive enough signatures on a referendum petition, Columbia residents are working on an initiative petition.

Chadwick resigns to allow special election in April

Chadwick left office less than a month after her "Tobacco 21" initiative took effect.

City Council passes Tobacco 21

The bill passed 6-1.

New MU Health Care policy bans hiring nicotine users

Nicotine users of any kind — including users of alternative nicotine products — will no longer be hired by MU Health Care after Jan. 1, 2015.

‘Tobacco 21’ proposal ignites debate over freedoms

The bill’s proponents aim to aid public health, but opponents argue it would curtail individual rights.