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MSA joins COMO Connect system revamp

COMO Connect will now pick up and drop off students in front of the Student Center and in Greek Town.

Columbia transportation plan maps transit future through 2040

Columbia grew 29 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Missouri lawmakers propose one cent sales tax to fund transportation projects

The tax could raise $7.8 billion annually, but some view other bonds as higher priorities.

FastCAT route debuts in Columbia

The route is free to ride through Monday.

Mayor McDavid proposes new FastCAT route for Columbia Transit

The route would pass through downtown and MU to satisfy students' needs.

Tiger Transit continues discussion on improving transit system

Most students were in support of a student fee if substantial improvements are made.

Transit consultant continues to collect data from students, staff

Solstice Transportation Group is working on gathering data from students about what they want to see from the transit system.

MU hires company to help fix transit issues

MU hired the Solstice Transportation Group to look into possible solutions to students’ transportation problems.

MU to begin biggest transit change in school history

Surveys and focus groups will begin to be conducted starting Feb. 6.

City of Columbia suggests MU student fee to pay for transit budget deficit

The city wants to cut $1 million from the transit budget or charge MU students a mandatory $80 a semester for transit use.