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Ragtag Film Society ending its sponsorship with The Crossing leads to discussion about gender identity, partnerships, free speech

Kevin Smith gave a sermon that many considered to be transphobic, which led to a public outcry for Ragtag Film Society to cut ties with his church.

‘Signature’ local festivals and programs receives $80,000 to aid local tourism

Recipients included the True/False Film Fest, Show-me State Games and Art in the Park.

Meet the dogs of True/False Film Festival

MOVE editors Bailey and Victoria take fluff writing to another, more literal, level.

What really goes down at the True/False volunteer after-party

T’was a night filled with filmmakers, neon lights and throwback jams.

In ‘Quest,’ music drives the story

The Rainey family works through obstacles and still gives back to the community.

Manolo and Gorrion create a nostalgic yet modern tale in ‘Donkeyote'

The True/False film's meandering pace is perfect.

‘Distant Constellation’ juxtaposes innovation and quiescence

Shevaun Mizrahi’s “work in progress” film features individuals from all walks of life.

Polish film ‘Communion’ does not disappoint

Director Anna Zamecka’s freshman documentary screened for the first time in the U.S. at True/False Film Fest.

‘Dina’ celebrates what it means to live a life

Watching “Dina” is like watching a real-life rom-com play out in front of you.

‘Whose Streets?’ highlights the community behind the Ferguson protests

The documentary is a vital look at the frustration and anger that followed Michael Brown’s death.

‘The Grown-Ups’ brings awareness to Down syndrome

Director Maite Alberdi’s humanizes three individuals affected by the syndrome in her documentary.

‘Stranger In Paradise’ is a devil’s advocate for the global refugee crisis

The European film had its U.S. debut at the True/False Film Fest, offering a provocative look at the refugee crisis.

‘Step’ will make you want to dance for joy

The True/False documentary gives a look into the lives of three Baltimore teens.

‘Abacus: Small Enough to Jail’ is an immigrant success story that won’t be forgotten

The documentary features the Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings Bank, the only bank to have faced criminal charges as a result of the 2008 financial crisis.

‘Rat Film’ is about something more profound than rats

The documentary opens viewers’ eyes to socioeconomic separation in Baltimore.

True/False art ‘sparks an interaction’

A diverse group of artists will include this year’s theme of alchemy into their work around Columbia.

True/False and KBIA create a podcast that any documentary lover will be addicted to

This podcast will not only capture the literal sounds of the festival, but directors’ thoughts on their work.

True Life Fund breaks the fourth wall

The fund gives True/False audiences a way to respond to what they see on screen.

True/False brings local sponsors at every level

Columbia’s community comes together to support True/False.

Country artist with an unconventional message to perform during True/False

St. Louis native Jack Grelle will perform at Rose Music Hall on Saturday.