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STRIPES, Tiger Pantry, Truman’s Closet will soon relocate to on-campus location

The new location, inside the Hitt Street Parking Structure, is more accessible than the soon-to-be former location on Rock Quarry Road.

Farouk Aregbe looks back on 10 years of MSA advising

Aregbe’s interim replacement is Bryan Goers, who will hold the position until May 31

Truman’s Closet 'attacks' gender stereotyping with new label-free apparel

Truman’s Closet put their slogan ‘Find your strong suit’ into action with a new system that ensures all customers feel comfortable and safe in their environment.

STRIPES, Tiger Pantry and Truman’s Closet celebrate birthdays

Truman’s Closet turns 1 year old, Tiger Pantry turns 2 and STRIPES turns 13 this week.

‘Dress to Impress’ with Truman’s Closet’s fashion picks

The show can help you find the perfect interview outfit.

Truman’s Closet becomes MSA auxiliary

Truman’s Closet becomes MSA auxiliary

Truman’s Closet celebrates its grand opening

Truman’s Closet aims to educate students in the professional world.