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UM System Board of Curators discusses tuition, housing at February meeting

New Hall was officially named in honor of African-American journalist Lucile Bluford.

UM System establishes task force to promote use of open educational resources

Fair-use copyright policies enforce cost-saving alternatives in the classroom.

Some MU students could be affected by the end of DACA

MU spokesman Christian Basi: “But, we would also certainly provide as much support for any of our students as we possibly can. It would really depend on the situation and it’s really hard to speculate what that might look like.”

Gov. Greitens nominates Courtney Lauer to fill student representative position

If approved by the Missouri Senate Lauer will serve as the student representative on the Board of Curators until January 2018.

Greitens appoints two new curators and student representative to Board of Curators

In February, more than half of the positions on the UM System Board of Curators were vacant. Greitens filled the remaining vacancies Monday.

Short-term, long-term facility renovations considered by curators

A $100 million multi-phase plan was proposed to renovate or replace outdated research buildings.

State audit of UM System administration highlights possible violations to Missouri State Constitution

The current salary of research administrator R. Bowen Loftin, former chancellor, is 31 percent more than the next highest paid research administrator on campus.

News at the ZOU: March 6 Quiz

True/False, campus elections, Missouri basketball and more in this week’s news quiz.

Commission promotes increased collaboration between UM System campuses

Through the Intercampus Course Sharing initiative, UM System students can take courses from other campuses. But for the spring 2017 semester, the program only offered three courses to MU students.

Nine takeaways from the first Board of Curators meeting

The board discussed recent budget cuts, funding, building projects, tuition and more.

At welcome reception, new UM System president lays out plans for the university

President-designate Mun Y. Choi introduced specific goals, such as providing open source textbooks, for promoting student success.

New UM System president has 'devout commitment' to being inclusive

UM System President-designate Mun Choi led initiatives to increase diversity at the University of Connecticut.

Mun Y. Choi to be paid $530,000 yearly as UM System President

The contract explains his duties as president and benefits to be received.

Interactive timeline: Campus demonstrations through the years

On the one-year anniversary of top administrator resignations, a look back at MU’s history of student activism.

Missouri politicians take stand on UM System funding

Each of the candidates that are currently representing the Columbia area in the Missouri House of Representatives voted against UM System budget cuts.

Mun Y. Choi named 24th UM System president

The announcement comes exactly a week before the one-year anniversary of former UM System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

New UM System president to be announced Wednesday

Reports say the new president is Mun Y. Choi, the University of Connecticut’s provost.

Ohio University president being vetted for UM System president

An OU professor said he was called by an MU faculty member to discuss his opinions of the president.

UM System’s financial report shows a lower increase of wealth

The system is still financially stronger than most universities, Chief Financial Officer Brian Burnett said.

Interim administrator contracts are similar to those of their predecessors

While interim Chancellor Hank Foley and interim UM System President Mike Middleton make the same amount of money as those who came immediately before them, their contracts vary in page length and formality.