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New UM System president has 'devout commitment' to being inclusive

UM System President-designate Mun Choi led initiatives to increase diversity at the University of Connecticut.

Mun Y. Choi named 24th UM System president

The announcement comes exactly a week before the one-year anniversary of former UM System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

New UM System president to be announced Wednesday

Reports say the new president is Mun Y. Choi, the University of Connecticut’s provost.

Ohio University president being vetted for UM System president

An OU professor said he was called by an MU faculty member to discuss his opinions of the president.

Seven stories likely to make news this fall at MU

After an eventful 2015–16 school year, this fall brings the possibility of more newsworthy events regarding administration and campus life.

Curators approve 2017 budget and discuss the presidential search during its June meeting

There will be a $2 million payroll cut to compensate for a decrease in funds.

Presidential search committee approves position profile

Search firm partner John Isaacson: “We call them, we send them an email, we open a dialogue, we have a conversation. And we put this text in front of them and ask them to engage us on the substance.”

Tim Wolfe’s indeterminate path to the presidency

The Board of Curators set out in 2011 to hire the 23rd UM System president with the assistance of an advisory committee consisting of faculty and students — but it’s unclear if the board took their opinions into account.

What you missed at last week’s Board of Curators meeting

The curators discussed the ongoing presidential search and their desired qualifications for the next UM System president.

Presidential search committee approves qualification statement

Advertisements, op-eds and videos have been published in recent months to boost the UM System’s image.

Next UM System president must prioritize communication skills

Presidential search committee must consider public input when evaluating candidates

UM System presidential search forum comes to MU

Former curator Fred Hall: “The president has got to be a leader, he’s got to be a person of strong concepts of the role of academia, and he’s got to have an empathy for faculty, students and that sort of thing.”

Faculty Council does not want another Tim Wolfe

Council member Art Jago: “(Tim Wolfe) was probably a pretty good strategist, but he was a terrible leader.”

Board of Curators announces presidential search committee co-chairs, search firm

Board of Curators chairwoman Pamela Henrickson: “We want candidates who are going to dig in and do the work and see an opportunity to make a difference in their own careers, on the campus, and in the country at large.”

Curators finalize presidential search committee

Stephanie Shonekan, black studies department chairwoman, is one of two UM System faculty members on the committee.

Board of Curators enters presidential search with a diversity problem

After three recent resignations, the board has no racial minorities serving on it for the second time since minorities began serving in 1971.

Curators discuss presidential search committee and construction projects

Room and board rates will rise 4.1 percent for the 2016-17 school year.

Board of Curators should pursue hybrid model for next UM System president

The proposed model balances transparency and stakeholder input with practicality

Timothy M. Wolfe selected as new UM System president

The MU alumnus said taking the position is a “special homecoming” for him and his family.

Administrators keep lips sealed on UM System presidential search

The committee is still considering recommendations for the position.