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Tag: Undergraduate studies

MU Office of Undergraduate Research announces 2019-2020 internships, hosts informational session

Potential applicants learned about the application process and received tips to improve their applications.

Coding boot camp 101: 500 MU graduates, five years, any major

Vice Provost Jim Spain: “The goal for us is just to provide an opportunity for our students to gain access to an exciting career in IT that are made more available by this partnership and this relationship that we have with Revature.”

MU faculty and staff work to develop student success strategies and programs

Student Success Technology Coordinator Tina Balser: “We’re doing this because we want to help,”

Student Debt Relief Act aims to aid graduate students

Of the $1.3 trillion in U.S. student debt, graduate students owe 40 percent of it on average, said Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia.

2015 MCAT exam will include more questions, new sections

The new test will contain 54 more questions and take more than seven hours to complete.

SHP considering new public health program

Hume and Kuhnert hope to start the new public health program by fall 2015.