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McCaskill visits MU, holds discussion with students

McCaskill’s stop, which marks the fifth in a tour through Missouri colleges, focused on bipartisan efforts in Congress and her thoughts on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

McCaskill targets college sexual assaults

he Missouri senator plans to combat the spread of sexual violence on college campuses.

Government shutdown could impact local Head Start program

Some state-run programs have yet to feel the pinch of the shutdown.

Debate shuts down student loan bill, interest rates now doubled 

Roughly 7 million college students will be affected by the decision.

McCaskill proposes amendment in Senate farm bill

The proposal follows the U.S. Department of Agriculture's plan to consolidate FSA and general domestic offices.

Missouri communities, including Joplin, set to receive more aid

Amidst Congressional debate over disaster funding, Blunt finds alternative for funds.

McCaskill on the move in Missouri

Before coming to campus, McCaskill met with Boonville educators to discuss education reform.

Small plane controversy could hurt McCaskill’s lead in polls

McCaskill led in polls against all potential Republican candidates before the incident.

Students cope with rising gas prices

In a Maneater survey, 95 of 170 students said they have changed their driving habits in light of rising gas prices.

McCaskill, Blunt support legislation reducing federal spending

Both senators support legislation capping federal spending at 20 percent of the GDP.

Ed Martin announces bid for US Senate seat

Martin said he wishes to reduce the size and cost of the government.

Pell Grants could be on chopping block for US Congress

Under the plan, Pell Grants would be cut by $1,330 per award.

Bipartisan seating: symbolic or stunt?

During the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, 60 lawmakers will sit across the aisle.

McCaskill backs legislation for Arlington National Cemetary oversight

Eight cremated remains were found in one burial site marked 'unknown.'

Does Obama get it?

Texan students go on hunger strike to support DREAM Act passage

The students have not eaten in three weeks.

U.S. Senate candidates reach out through student groups

The campaigns aim to reach out to younger demographics.

US Senate to vote on controversial DREAM Act

The bill offers undocumented students a chance at U.S. residency.