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MU students headed to polls to vote in 2020 presidential election

The Boone County Government Center and Mizzou Arena served as central polling places in Boone County, which experienced high voter turnout.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Power to the people’

MU students and faculty describe the importance of voting in this election.

Boone County, MU prepare for Election Day

This election will look very different, and organizations on and off campus are grappling with how to conduct a free and fair election safely.

COLUMN: The only way to preserve reproductive rights is to vote

Individuals should not have to travel hundreds of miles, pay hundreds of dollars and face angry protesters to get an abortion.

COLUMN: Being socially liberal and fiscally conservative is inherently hypocritical

Many in the middle of the political spectrum are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but that ideology plays into the hands of capitalism and counters the fight for liberation.

Letter to the Editor: Boone and Greene County Clerks encourage Missouri college students to vote

Democrat Brianna Lennon and Republican Shane Schoeller jointly drafted this bipartisan op-ed to inform students on how to get involved in the voting process.

COLUMN: As the 2020 election inches closer, Joe Biden has a lot of baggage that has already cost him voters.

With his past ties to segregationists and creating legislation hurting Black and Latinx communities, Joe Biden has a lot to do to improve his image as the 2020 election draws closer and closer.

COLUMN: If you’re voting to save democracy, it’s probably already gone

With possibly the most consequential election in American history approaching, elected officials, corporations and people push one message: vote.

COLUMN: Vote in the election, but don’t expect anything to change.

Presented with two unappealing candidates for President, it is time to take a new approach in our fight for equality.

Misinformation and lack of clarity leads to confusion about mail-in voting

Conflicting information on topics such as how the mail-in ballot process works has led students to be more hesitant about it when choosing how to vote.

National Voter Registration Day at MU pushes students to register to vote

ASUM and MSA come together to organize National Voter Registration Day event at MU to educate and register students to vote Sept. 24.

The Briefing: Recent study finds higher voting likelihood for students who watched debate

The study, conducted by an MU political organization, found that students who watched the latest U.S. Senate debate in Missouri are more likely to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.