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Email from MU Provost explains makeup class conditions

Provost Latha Ramchand sent an email to instructors detailing the rules and conditions for professors using Reading Day.

National Weather Service holds storm spotter training at MU

NWS relies on trained spotters to have accurate on-site weather reporting, which they use to issue watches and warnings.

MU classes, operations delayed until 10 a.m. Wednesday

MU Health Care hospitals and the Veterinary Health Center Hospital will be open, along with Campus Dining Services.

MUPD sends email warning students of subzero temperatures, provides tips for avoiding hypothermia and frostbite

Students weigh the pros and cons of attending classes in the winter conditions.

Boone County is in 'an elevated fire danger' through this weekend

Boone County Fire Protection District warns of open burning because of high temperature and dry weather.

First day of semester snow leads to class cancellation

MU has only had 13 snow days in 176 years.

New radar increases meteorology, research potential for CAFNR

Currently, the closest two radars are in St. Louis and Kansas City.

MU cancels classes for 13th time in history due to snow

Only “situationally critical” employees are required to report to work.

Columbia weather survival 101

It’s getting cold. Or maybe it’s not. Either way, here’s how to deal.

Five song playlist: Rainy days

A short collection of songs to accompany that mid-afternoon nap between classes.

Letter from the (MacK)editor: This weather’s cray.

Ain’t it, Jay?

Students develop unique local campus weather service

Campus weather service provides a completely student-run forecasting service for MU students.

Downtown Declassified: Weather you like it or not

MOVE columnist MacKenzie Reagan on Columbia’s crazy climate

How to make the most of a rainy day

MOVE shares tips on how to beat the blues that come with dreary weather.

Boone County puts flood preparations in place in case of emergency

Some water pressure released from the Missouri River caused minor flooding.

Joplin residents share their stories

This fall, 17 more Joplin residents are expected to attend MU.

US Army Corps of Engineers blows up Missouri levee

The flooding from the levee will affect Mississippi and New Madrid counties.

Students' hometowns hit hard by severe weather

Many towns in the region have forced residents to evacuate.

Winter weather fails to faze MU construction projects

There are five campus construction projects in progress.

Boone County expects to spend $1.7 million on snow removal

Layers of bureaucracy could delay federal aid up to one year.