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Tim Wolfe’s indeterminate path to the presidency

The Board of Curators set out in 2011 to hire the 23rd UM System president with the assistance of an advisory committee consisting of faculty and students — but it’s unclear if the board took their opinions into account.

Mizzou in Review: Top five WTF moments

From a fired professor to a leaked confidential letter, MU ended up in some bizarre situations this year.

Q&A: Former student representative talks about working with the Board of Curators

Tracy Mulderig: “Getting to know people in the system personally and seeing some of the good that it does, I think I have a more balanced perspective.”

No final decision on search process for next UM System president

The UM System Board of Curators discussed potentially using an open, closed or hybrid model for the search.

Concerned Student 1950 plans to continue to educate students, raise awareness

Reuben Faloughi: “To know that other students have that same experience and are willing to stand up with you because you did, it’s so empowering. It makes the sleepless nights worth it. It makes the threats worth it. It makes the struggle worth it.”

Inside Wolfe’s contract: job duties, salary and additional compensation

The amended contract extended Wolfe’s term as president from 2015 to 2018.

Distrust of administrators, protests against chancellor not new to MU

“He is out of touch with the students, faculty and staff,” MSA president-elect Rebecca Lambe said in a November 1991 Maneater article, speaking about former Chancellor Monroe.

Chancellor’s report card

A retrospective assessment of Loftin’s tenure as chancellor

UM System reacts to Wolfe’s resignation

MU is just one of the four schools in the UM system that lost its system president Nov. 9.

Wolfe, Loftin step down, allow campus to heal

Change the collegiate community standards with Concerned Student 1950

This movement will make a difference.

Graduate students walk out to rally for rights

Eric Scott from Coalition of Graduate Workers: “A few personnel changes do not change the fundamental problems of this university.”

Students react to Wolfe’s resignation

Some students admitted they were not aware of resignation or had not been keeping up with everything that was going on.

Petitions started to remove two MU employees after incident with journalists

The three petitions have more than 1,500 signatures combined in less than 24 hours.

Nov. 9: a chronological play-by-play

A lot happened on campus today. We put it all in order.

A historic day: top 10 stories

Here’s a recap of the major events on Nov. 9.

UM Board of Curators announces new diversity initiatives

The initiatives include a first-ever chief diversity, inclusion and equity officer for the UM System and one at each system campus.

Social justice organizations react to Wolfe’s resignation

NAACP, ADL and Forum on Graduate Rights speak out after UM System president resigns.

Activists celebrate Wolfe’s resignation at Concerned Student 1950 campsite

Tensions between protesters and media grew as the number of people in the quad grew.

MU reacts to Wolfe's resignation

Wolfe resigned Nov. 9 after mounting pressure from students, faculty and staff.